Cyclo Polisher "Gloss & Glamour" Value Package (Single Sided)

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Cyclo Polisher "Gloss & Glamour" Value Package (Single Sided)

The Cyclo Dual Head Orbital Polisher is the most effective means of polishing available today. Even in the hands of a novice, it is Safe To Operate and Provides Professional Results Every Time! The difference lies in the tool's overall balance and its patented dual heads. The dual heads operate in a synchronized motion, providing the most effective results without fear of heat buildup; damage to trim pieces, moldings and gaskets; swirl marks, holograms and more.

The Low-Vibration and balanced design allow for a more even application and better control when operating. Most effective & safest means of polishing available. Specs: 115 Volts, 220 Watts, Weight 6.5. 10' Cord, Housing: Heavy-duty cast aluminum.

This value package contains a light clear coat compound for buffing out light to medium scratches and oxidation with the Vibra Cut Lite. If you do not have scratches or other paint issues you can start off with Diamond Seal which is a polish, glaze and sealant all in one! Diamond Seal is UNREAL! Once you have made you paint look good then apply the STS 3000 to seal in the shine and protection for up to 1 year!

Cyclo Orange Foam Pads 1 Pr- Use these Cyclo Orange foam Heavy Glazing/Polishing pads for medium polishing action. You would use these pads for paint that needs medium paint correction. Great to remove light to medium oxidation and scratches. Try our Vibra Cut Lite clear coat light-duty compound with these pads. The Cyclo Orange Heavy Glazing pads are more aggressive than our green pads but less aggressive than our yellow pads.

Cyclo Green Foam Pads 1 Pr- Use these Cyclo Green foam Glazing/Polishing pads for light polishing action. You would use these pads for paint that is in relatively good shape. Try our Blue Diamond Polish with these pads. The Cyclo Green Glazing pads are more aggressive than our white pads and be used for medium duty polishingh. Use this product after you have compounded with the Vibra Cut Lite for outstanding Bl;ing Bling results!

Cyclo White Foam Pads 1 Pr- Use the Cyclo White Finishing pads for final polishing or application of paint sealant or wax. These are our least aggressive and softest foam pads for the Cyclo Polisher. Use these pads in conjunction with the STS 3000 Paint Sealant for outstanding results.

Rubber Velcro Pad Holders: Are included with this purchase (CP1). Use these pad holders to attach the velcro foam and wool polishing pads.

Microfiber Bonnets- We include 2 pair of microfiber bonnets. These are great to quickly remove wax, sealant or polish. Microfiber will not scratch surfaces.

Microfiber Super Towels- You get two microfiber polishing/cleaning towels. Plush 70/30 microfiber, silk band, one side is for cleaning and the opposite is great for hand polishing!

Vibra Cut Lite Leveling Compound- Use to level down medium scratches and oxidation. Works great with green foam pads. Buffs to a remarkable shine! Foam cells are more compressed and do a great job to remove libht to medium scratches. Green apple scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Blue Diamond Polish & Sealant- This product is Body Shop Safe! It also is a very unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, microsurface imperfections and light oxidation. Blue Diamond will remove 3000 grit sanding scratches and similar substrate imperfections. Buffs without gumming or clogging buffing pads. Leaves a non-oily mirror-like finish. This is our best polish we have ever offered, you will not believe the results. If you want a true wet look finish with long lasting protection - this is it. None finer on the market!

Blue Diamond can be used as a one step glaze/polish and sealant. Will provide 6-9 months protection. For additional protection apply STS3000 Polymer Sealant after polsihing with our Blue Diamond for even longer protection! Blue Diamond can be used in the body shop because it is free of silicones!

Our best form of paint protection we have ever offered! This product will remove micro scratches, swirls, cob webs, light oxidation and water spots while protecting the paint and make it Bling! Blue Diamond can be applied by hand or with an orbital polisher. Protects up to ONE FULL YEAR! A cleaner, glaze, polish and paint sealant all in one, and it's body shop safe! (16 oz. bottle)

Final Touch Ultra Express Wax/Pad Conditioner- Use our Final Touch Ultra for shine and protection in-between car washes and details. An amazing express spray wax. Can also be used as a foam pad conditioner. Peach scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Pad Renewing Solution- The biodegradable cleaner removes petroleum and water-based car care products from foam pads to keep them clean and in like-new condition. Spray on a few squirts, rinse and air-dry pad. (16 oz. bottle)

Pad Cleaning Brush- Keep your foam pads clean and conditioned while in use.

Cyclo Cord Clip Made from durable plastic this is the perfect accessory for managing the polishers' cord. Use the cord clamp to keep the power cord behind you and away from the treated surface. Simply attach the cord clamp to your belt loop and run the power cord through the clamp opening and over your shoulder. At the end of the day use the cord clamp to keep cords wrapped up without fear of damaging the wires from wrapping the cord around the handle or overwrapping.

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