Cyclo Polisher "Swirl & Oxidation Remover" Value Package (Single Sided)

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Cyclo Polisher "Swirl & Oxidation Remover" Value Package

Cyclo Random Orbital Polisher- Most effective & safest means of polishing available. Specs: 115 Volts, 220 Watts, Weight 6.5. 10' Cord, Housing: Heavy-duty cast aluminum.

Orange Heavy Glazing Pads- For medium-duty polishing to remove light to med. scratches & oxidation. Use with Vibra Cut Lite or Spyder Web Glaze. (2 pair included)

Yellow Compounding Pads- For compounding, scratch & heavy oxidation removal Use Vibra Cut II or Vibra Cut Lite Compounds. (2 pair included)

White Finishing Pads- Superfine & used for final finishing. Perfect for applying One Step Prep or STS 3000 & Cherry Wax. (2 pair included)

Green Glazing Pads- Used to remove light micro scratches & to polish paint. More aggressive than white pads & less aggressive than the orange pads. Use with our Foam Pad Glaze and Spyder Web Glaze. (2 pair included)

Pad Renewing Solution- The biodegradable cleaner removes petroleum & water-based car care products from foam pads to keep them clean & in like-new condition. Spray on a few squirts, rinse & air-dry pad. (16 oz. bottle)

Pad Cleaning Brush- Keep your foam pads clean and conditioned while in use.

Terry Cloth Bonnets- 100% Cotton Terry cloth. Perfect for cleaning interior surfaces & for applying the final protection. Use with STS 3000 or Cherry Wet Wax. Fabric covers fit tightly over foam or wool pads. (2 pair included)

Rubber Pad Holders- Velcro hook & loop backing. Boot fits over Cyclo polisher heads and allows the attachment of any Velcro loop pads. (1 pair included)

Microfiber Super Towels- You get two microfiber polishing/cleaning towels. Plush 70/30 microfiber, silk band, one side is for cleaning and the opposite is great for hand polishing!

Foam Pad Glaze & Polish- Our Foam Pad polishing product contains glaze to remove light imperfections and cleanse the paint. It also contains polishes to protect and leaves a "wet look" shine! Vanilla scented. (16 oz. bottle)

One Step Prep- A cleaner, polish and caranuba wax in one! Use this product to save time! Contains a special glaze that will remove light imperfection in the clear coat. One Step Prep also contains high-grade caranuba that will protect and leave a wet look shine. Peach Scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Vibra Cut Lite Leveling Compound- Use to level down med. scratches and oxidation. Works great with yellow foam pads. Buffs to a remarkable shine! Green apple scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Vibra Cut II- High performance synthetic heavy-duty compound formulated to remove significant imperfections from painted surfaces while imparting a high gloss finish. Use to remove 800-1200 grit sand marks from new or cured paints. Use with yellow foam pads. Pina Colada scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Spyder Web Glaze- A versatile cutting glaze that removes buffer swirls, light imperfections and oxidation. Use as a 2nd step after heavy compounding. Use with our green or orange pads. Juicy fruit scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Final Touch Ultra Express Wax- Use Final Touch Ultra for shine and protection in-between car washes and details. An amazing express spray wax. Can also be used as a Foam Pad Conditioner. Peach scented. (16 oz. bottle)

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