Exterior & Interior Detailing Chemicals Pints

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This kit contains 11 of our most popular cleaning and dressing products for both interior and exterior detailing and conditioning.

This is an excellent way for professional detailers and car enthusiasts to sample our quality and professionally formulated products. This kit includes pint size bottles of our: Citrus Degreaser, Tire & Whitewall Cleaner, Bug Off, Special Force PLUS All-Purpose Cleaner, Pink Power Interior Cleaner, Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo, Final Touch Ultra Spray Shine, Black Cherry Car Wash w/Wax, Extractor Soap, Super Blue Tire & Rubber Dressing and Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing. Enough products to detail 2-3 cars. Complete instructions included. Try them, you will love them! All products are VOC compliant.

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