Smoke Gray Carpet Dye

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Our automotive carpet dyes are formulated for most AUTOMOTIVE carpet materials and colors. These dyes are not intended for household or commercial carpets, the colors will not match.   

This 8oz bottle makes 32 ounces of ready-to-use highly concentrated dye. Allows for working whole carpets or in section w/trigger sprayer.
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  • Car owner

    I recently purchased a 1998 honda civic that had stained and faded carpet I used two bottles of smoke gray dye and the carpets now look brand new. I was very impressed with the results i will definitely continue to purchase from detail king.

    Reviewed by: from Asheville . on 5/25/2017
  • truck owner

    Used this on my cleaned but faded truck mats, perfect match for the color. treated the faded spots first, then did it overall. It turned out great. The truck is a 2004 TACOMA-new mats would have cost me $171.00 from Toyota. This was well worth it. Thanks guys....

    Reviewed by: from Virginia Beach. on 11/19/2016
  • Carpet dye

    I bought the carpet dye hoping for a minor change in my carpet; but it turned out amazing.

    Reviewed by: from Virginia. on 8/5/2016
  • Worked Great

    I've been looking for a liquid carpet dye for the interior of my vehicles for some time. I do not want to use aerosol dyes and I don't have a large tub to soak the whole carpet with other types of dyes. I was skeptical but did buy 2 bottles of this dye to try out. The carpet in question is 34 years old, was gray but turned light gray from all the years. I washed the carpets out and let them dry. Sprayed this product on, used their scrub brush to get the dye into the fabric and waited. Most of my carpets turned out great, I did have one piece that needs a second application because I did not apply enough dye. I bought 2 bottles to all my carpet, I'll need a third to finish it. The carpets look like they're new, they're now a dark gray color that I wanted instead of the light faded gray and it makes the interior look great and complete. I cannot comment yet on how they'll hold up to water (when you step into the car with wet feet from rain) but so far I love it. I wish I found this product years ago, I restore many cars and usually throw away the faded carpet. Not anymore!

    Reviewed by: from Florida. on 9/25/2015
  • Carpet Dye

    The dye was shipped fast and arrived the next day. The dye worked well but not miracles. I would definitely use this product again.

    Reviewed by: from Columbus, Ohio. on 6/4/2015
  • Carpet Dye

    I ordered the smoke gray carpet dye to use in a restoration project for my 1983 Camaro Z28. My dark gray carpet had faded over the years into a purplish color. Using the smoke gray carpet dye brought my otherwise perfect carpet back to life.

    Reviewed by: from Dewitt, MI. on 7/31/2014
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