Trim Kote Plastic Dye - Black 16 oz



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Trim Kote is our BEST VALUE plastic trim dye. This product comes standard in a 16 oz. bottle and is enough product to restore up to 800 door handles. Of course you can also use Trim Kote to professionally and easily restore plastic mirror housings, wheel flairs, bumper trim, body side moldings, wind, dams, tailgate handles, bed liners, plastic rocker panels, golf cart trim, virtually any exterior trim that is of a grainy plastic form.

This product will not streak on the paint when the vehicle gets wet. Not a paint or dressing but a Dye! Once dry this product will not come off. Trim Kote does not contain silicone. Very easy to apply, just use a small portion of a shop towel or shop paper towel. Great opportunity to service used car dealerships, golf carts, ATV's, even cars with black faded vinyl convertible tops.

Unlike those thinner water-based products that are applied like shoe polish, Trim Kote products are thicker and don't require multiple applications. Trim Kote is a permanent dye,
NOT a silicone cover-up. A must-have product for the professional detailer!

  • An Amazing Product

    I used the black, but have not had a chance to use the grey yet. This product is amazing. It applies so easy and really works well. I cant believe how much it restored the look of my 2006 f-150. I used it on all the plastic and it really took well. I love this product. Best product out there.

    Reviewed by: from Cypress, TX. on 2/4/2014
  • C.E.O. Patterson NeuroConsulting Ltd.

    Our Jet Black 1993 Mazda RX-7 has had a very expensive mechanical rebuild. Now making 300bhp at the rear wheels. The interior is perfect and the paint will "do" for the present. However every piece of plastic-type trim has been bleached by the Arizona sun. I applied DK's Black Trim Kote with a high frade set of oil-painters art-brushes and in one coat - BINGO!! Blackness!! It's not all finished yet and I can't speak to durability as yet. Garage-bound for detailing till the spring. VERY good results so far ... will write again when it's finished and gets a little weather on it. Good Product!!

    Reviewed by: from Washington DC area. on 1/5/2014
  • Black trim Kote

    Since no one has done a review here goes, this is the first time using this product. I dyed a jeep patriot rear bumper very weathered looked almost white in spots. Easy to work with doing small area's, dries fast. I used a rag on one half then used a microfiber applicator on the other. Microfiber is a better way to go for a larger area's but its toast when it dries. I can't speak for how it will hold up, it looked very natural.

    Reviewed by: from Erial. on 7/18/2013
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