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Pearl Gloss Dressing is a premium, emulsion based car interior vinyl dressing that can be diluted to achieve a lower gloss and an excellent conditioned look.
This product can be used to dress interior components like dash boards, consoles, door panels and virtually all soft or hard vinyl car interior components. Pearl Gloss Dressing is formulated to restore that new look without the greasy feel to it. This product can also be applied to leather surfaces with outstanding results. Pearl Gloss has an extremely pleasant lime berry scent, is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

DK TIP: You can reduce the concentration of Pearl Gloss to achieve a "semi gloss" or "satin" finish for customers that request a lower sheen look. Many of our professional detailers and car enthusiasts cut this dressing in half with water and yield 2 gallons of an awesome satin finish sheen. You can cut it more or less depending on what your customers want.

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for freight quote or we will contact you after you order)

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  • Great looking finish

    This product leaves behind the perfect gloss.

    Reviewed by: from Greenville,PA. on 5/9/2017
  • Great Product

    been using for a long time!! I will never use anything else, everyone loves the scent

    Reviewed by: from Milford,ct. on 2/4/2017
  • Leni's details and tints

    First time using this product and I really like it im pretty sure that I will keep buying Front detail

    Reviewed by: from York pa. on 1/29/2017
  • Owner

    product is phenomenal I use it on the Interiors of every vehicle I do.

    Reviewed by: from Kewaskum. on 10/12/2016
  • Pearl gloss dressing

    I have to say I am very pleased with this product...It's amazing...I'll never buy anything but this product again!!!👍🏻

    Reviewed by: from Murillo,Ontario . on 9/19/2016
  • Profession Detailer

    Very good product that I use everytime I detail a vehicle.

    Reviewed by: from Holland. on 9/16/2016
  • The best

    Customers love it

    Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 6/9/2016
  • Owner

    This dressing provides a brilliant shine which is long-lasting an incomparable to any other I've seen on the market

    Reviewed by: from Milwaukee, Wisconsin . on 5/18/2016
  • Two aces mobile wash

    I love this product especially since doesn't leave a slick surface! My customers as well love it!Detail king products fit perfect with my business as it has helped me bring in the picky clients that hate store bought products and lets them know I care about my work and customers!

    Reviewed by: from Alpine,Tx. on 5/12/2016
  • Auto upholstery

    nice clean look used this for years customers like the look of a nice clean and dressed seat

    Reviewed by: from jeannette pa . on 5/7/2016
  • Pearl Gloss

    I have used many other interior dressings, but Detail King's Pearl Gloss is the best. It out shines and lasts longer than other name brands. I highly recommend adding this to your line up of interior products. Not only will you be happy, but your customers will be as well!

    Reviewed by: from Northeast Pennsylvania. on 2/10/2016
  • Detailer

    The pearl gloss leaves a beautiful shine when used straight and the best part is its not greasy. Makes the plastics and vinyl stand out more in a better way.

    Reviewed by: from Kansas city. on 2/4/2016
  • Great Product

    The best interior dressing for vinyl, leather, even wood works great last well, and a little goes a long way.

    Reviewed by: from Mo.. on 10/21/2015


    Reviewed by: from winchester, va. on 9/24/2015
  • Great Product!!

    I think this is an excellent product it covers very nicely and does not leave streaks!! Works great on vinyl, leather, and plastic trim.

    Reviewed by: from bloomington, IL. on 9/16/2015
  • Car enthusiast

    Smells great, love how your able to add water if you want less shine, plus it will last longer. Thanks Detail King

    Reviewed by: from Azusa Ca. on 8/7/2015
  • Excellent finish

    The finish is absolutely beautiful and it last. Will be ordering more

    Reviewed by: from Whitehall. on 4/14/2015
  • Distinguished Mobile Detailing

    Absolutely amazing products I love this stuff. A little bit goes a long ways and you can still dilute it to get the perfect shine for the customers.

    Reviewed by: from Dayton ohio. on 4/1/2015
  • Great stuff

    This is the first time buying this product. It's better than I expected. Very good shine, no fragrance and applies so easily. Will definitely buy again.

    Reviewed by: from Hot Springs, AR. on 2/16/2015
  • Pearl Gloss is Awesome!

    This interior dresser is just great. It has a perfect shine that's not too shiny but not dull. It also has a very pleasing smell that makes the interior of your car smell clean. This is the perfect product for anyone who enjoys keeping the interior of their car clean! Highly reccomended!

    Reviewed by: from Marshfield, MA. on 12/18/2014
  • Best interior dressing on the market

    We have been using this interior dressing for the last year or so. It is by far the best interior dressing we have used to date. We dilute it 50/50 for a perfect shine. It is not greasy and does not leave a residue. We recommend this to everyone from the weekend cleaner to the professional detail shops.

    Reviewed by: from Wisconsin. on 9/12/2014
  • King of the mountain

    This stuff is great, no oily residue, looks great goes on easy. will buy this again and again

    Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 9/10/2014
  • Great Interior Dressing

    This product is great for use on any plastic, rubber, vinyl & even leather surface. I cut it almost in half with water & it still gives a nice shine without looking artificial. Spray a little on your horse hair vent brush & you can easily dress up all your vents, cup holders, buttons, knobs... In a pinch you can even use this product on exterior trim, wells & tires with good results!

    Reviewed by: from Plainfield, IL. on 8/23/2014
  • Owner

    This product has a clean, non slippery shiny appearance. I love it and more importantly , my customers love it!

    Reviewed by: from T-Bone Detailing, LLC. on 8/18/2014
  • Part Time Detailer

    This is the best interior dressing that I have used so far. It leaves a perfect shine without the greasy feel and also leaves the interior smelling great.

    Reviewed by: from Elmira, NY. on 6/11/2014
  • Enthusiast

    great product, recommended through a friend that works at a dealership, works great, just as expected! thanks DK

    Reviewed by: from RI. on 4/7/2014
  • owner of Xtreme Mobile Detailing

    awesome product. doesn't leave a greasy,oily residue. I use it all the time.

    Reviewed by: from millville,nj. on 4/7/2014
  • Great product!

    We use this product in our detail shop. Besides the great quality and pleasant smell, you are able to dilute it down for a less glossy shine. I would highly recommend this product!

    Reviewed by: from Waldo, Wisconsin. on 1/2/2014
  • Great

    This product work great love it and my customer love it too.

    Reviewed by: from Cleveland Ohio . on 9/12/2013
  • Consumer

    The product works very well. I've found that I like the 75/25 ratio. (75% product). The shine and look is good and lasts. Also has a pleasant odor.

    Reviewed by: from Nashville, TN. on 8/19/2013
  • Owner


    Reviewed by: from Ohio. on 8/12/2013

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