STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant

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STS 3000 is one of the finest, long-lasting car paint sealants available. A unique blend of polymers, resin and Zonyl that forms a durable protective coating. STS 3000 is the most Advanced Polymer Sealant on the market today! STS 3000 can be used as Step 3 of our 3 Step Paint Correction and Protection Process. Watch this video to learn more!

Easily applied by hand or orbital, leaving an unbeatable shine on all types of paint.
Formulated for base coat/clear coat paints, VOC compliant. Pleasant banana scent, easy on, easy off application.

Great for boats and motorcycles, too! Protection will last typically 9 months to 1 year. Professional detailers usually charge $30-$50 additional for Paint Sealant service. No need to wax, use this product instead of wax.

If you are a car enthusiast or professional auto detailer you owe it to yourself and your customers to provide them with the finest paint protection on the market. Just visit the car car forums and search for STS 3000 to see what others are saying about this product. You will not use anything else once you try this sealant. Why pay $30-$40 for a pint of "designer" wax or polish. You are paying for their advertising and fancy labels!!

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, and 4 Gallon Case.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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  • Great Product

    I love this product. Really easy application, great on vehicle.

    Reviewed by: from ORANGE PARK. on 4/21/2017
  • Buy this product now!

    I've was in the market for a new paint sealant that was both long-lasting and easy to apply. This product blew me away and exceeded my expectations. Most polymer sealants are very thick and hard to apply, but this goes on like butter. It's a very nice liquid and comes off just as easy after it's cured. Also a little goes a very long way so this product lasts a long time. I applied both by hand and machine and the results are breathtaking. I've had many compliments from my customers and friends about the look this gives and I highly recommend this product to anyone who's looking for a long-lasting paint sealant that gives a nice wet shine.

    Reviewed by: from Doylestown . on 3/29/2017
  • Best product

    2 years back, one of the body shop owner gave me small amount of STS 3000 polymer paint sealant to try and I was surprised by the results of it. Since then, I am using this product and amazed by its results. Would definitely recommend to those who want there beasts to shine.

    Reviewed by: from Greensboro. on 1/12/2017
  • car buff

    the sts polymer paint sealer created a deep glossy shine. with very little effort.highly recommend this product.

    Reviewed by: from Akron. on 9/9/2016
  • STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant bmw 2015

    STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant its a good product and easy to work .and give that shine and protect the car . the only I don't liked is the banana smell .y recommend it to buy it

    Reviewed by: from oklahoma city. on 6/21/2016
  • STS 3000

    I have been using the STS 3000 sealant for over 10 years with exceptional results. It performs very well and lasts much longer than traditional waxes. Easy to apply, it leaves a beautiful shine and protects the paint finish through out the tough New England Winters.

    Reviewed by: from Massachusetts. on 4/18/2016
  • Great easy to use Sealant

    This sealant is by far one of the easiest I have ever used. With the proper polisher and general knowledge, it's almost impossible to make a mistake. Great product!

    Reviewed by: from Georgia. on 4/4/2016
  • Owner All About Detail by Duran llc

    Great stuff been using it for about 6 months. It leaves a nice sleek finish on paint and water beads up nicely.

    Reviewed by: from Denham Springs. on 12/11/2015
  • Nice Product

    I tried this for the first time the other day and it went on very easily and removed very easily. It defninitely enhanced the gloss of the vehicle. I am sure as with most sealants, and especially with DK's products, that the durability will be amazing.

    Reviewed by: from MountainTop, PA. on 5/7/2015
  • Owner

    Over the years I've tried several paint sealants and I have to say that I am very pleased with this product and its price! Easy on & off product, I'm sold, I'll be using this product from now on!

    Reviewed by: from Hampton, Va . on 3/7/2015
  • Detailer/Owner

    STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant is like the grand finale at a firework show! Comes off with ease and no matter the finish it makes the car shine.Great product !

    Reviewed by: from Sistersville, WV. on 2/10/2015
  • New car owner

    To avoid the high price of Dealership paint protection, I Googled paint protection products & found DK, telephoned the company to inquire about their products & my plan to apply sprint protection myself & save the high price on having this service done at the Car Dealer. The guy on the phone recommended STS 3000. Easy to apply & easy to wipe off; great shine. I'm happy I found this product. I'm not a professional detailer & was able to obtain excellent results by using this product. Don't pay the high price of purchasing paint protection from the car dealer when you can do it yourself at home & save hundreds of dollars. :-)

    Reviewed by: from Los Angeles. on 7/28/2014
  • Superior sealant

    I have been using polymer sealers for about 20 years and was using rejex until I tried STS 3000 I will keep using STS far better product. Comes off with ease and leaves no residual like Rejex

    Reviewed by: from PCB FL. on 4/10/2014
  • Ron 's Motorcycle Detailing

    I have used STS 3000 for 8 years and all my clients love how easy there bike is to maintain. Customer service is fantastic and easy to shop for all my business needs...thankyou

    Reviewed by: from Coeur D'Alene . on 3/16/2014

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