Deluxe Eco Friendly Low Pressure Car Wash System - Includes 6' x 8' Car Wash Mat/DK1505



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Our Eco Friendly Car Wash System has the equipment needed to be "GREEN" and provide eco-friendly car washes to private car owners and businesses. Today the mobile car wash operator needs to be EPA Compliant and avoid wash water being discharged into storm drains. In many areas of the country there are water restrictions making difficult to offer conventional car washing services to potential customers.

Our new portable DK1505 Low Pressure system enables the mobile operator to provide mobile car wash services that are environmentally friendly.
In most cases only about a quart to two quarts of water are used and there is no water runoff into the storm drains. You can offer premium hand car wash services in parking lots, parking structures, airports, airport park and fly facilities, shopping malls, universities, entertainment facilities, etc. You will be providing an ultra-convenient service for customers who are shopping, at work or even at school. Customers will pay anywhere from $25-$45 for this service. You will be providing a hand car wash that will clean the surfaces and also leave the paint shining and protected.

Included with this kit are the following:

Mini Car Wash Mat 6' x 8'- This mat enables you to contain your dirty wash water while scrubbing and washing the vehicle. Typically this mat works best with a low pressure washer system that is included with this kit.

DK1505 Low Pressure Washer System - This portable, battery operated sprayer enables you to wash a car using only a few gallons of water. Once the water is mixed with our Final Touch Ultra Express Wax the water can be used to lift dirt and grime off of the vehicles surface without scratching it. This same solution can be used to scrub wheels and tires. You would still want to use our biodegradable Whitewall & Tire Cleaner along with any of environmentally friendly wheel cleaners when scrubbing those components.

Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Steamer
- When living in a state with strict EPA Laws, Detail King has the right automotive washing equipment for you. Now detail vehicles faster with this totally environmentally safe steam detailer. With the Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Steamer you can quickly detail an interior by steam cleaning all surfaces including wheels, cracks and crevices, bezels, door jambs, door panels, carpets, upholstery and leather seating surfaces. Great also to assist with the cleaning of grills, wheels, tires, bezels and other dirty automotive exterior components.

Microfiber Towels - One half dozen of our SUPER Plush 16" x 24" microfiber cleaning and polishing towels are included. Our new SUPER microfiber towels have longer fibers on one side to clean any surface. Then flip it over to the other side to use the shorter fiber pile for drying and hand buffing and polishing. A silk border keep the towel from fraying and losing its shape.

DK Eco Wash Concentrate - Acts as a lubricant and cleaning agent for use with low pressure wash systems. This product when diluted with water will act as a lubricant and assist with the removal mild road grime, recent water spots and other environmental deposits found on the vehicle's painted, plastic and chrome surfaces. Directions: Shake product before using. Mix only one ounce of DK Eco Wash Concentrate per gallon of water that will be used to wash vehicle. For best results use with Detail King DK1500 or DK1505 low pressure sprayer. Once mixed with water, spray a light mist directly onto a 2' x 2' section of the surface to be cleaned and wipe dirt away using a large, clean microfiber towel. Use snake-like passes with microfiber towel, flip towel when needed.

You can clay the surface right away if you need to. One gallon will be enough product to refill your DK1505 about 20-30 times.

Purchased separately these items would cost $1613.95, if purchased as a kit you only pay $1452.00 and save about 10%. No other discounts can be applied. You can do very well offering Eco Friendly car wash services. Chances are your competition is not offering these types car wash services and eventually could get fined for not containing their wash water or using too much water in restricted areas of the country.
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