Mask-A-Tak Special Adhesive Promoter

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Product Details
Mask-A-Tak is a specially formulated adhesion promoter developed to offer the professional a product that is user friendly for the application of plastic carpet protectors and velour flock adhesion. Mask-A-Tak creates a removable coating that allows the adhesive on the back of Plastic Carpet protector mats to create a stronger bond with carpet that removes itself when Carpet Mask is removed.

Mask-A-Tak is not a permanent adhesive for Carpet Mask (Plastic Carpet Protectors) it only allows a temporary barrier to allow carpet film to bound to carpet surface. Spray a light mist directly to a dry carpet. Also use for permanently keeping velour flock in place after applying flock to cigarette burn repairs in velour seats or carpeted mats or floor boards. 14oz can.

Great adhesion promoter for carpet film. Instant Tack, Flexible Bond Line, Clear & Low Soak In