Microfiber Wash Mitt 3 in 1

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Wash Mitts

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Our New Plush 3-in-1 Microfiber Wash Mitt is constructed of 3 different useful components which makes it the perfect all-in-one tool for washing your automobile and for removing bug splatters. On the first side we have thick, ultra-soft, absorbent yellow Chenille Microfiber Noodles that catch all the dirt, dust, and road grime that’s on your vehicle.

On the opposite side we have a short pile, gray Microfiber sponge that works great on hard to reach areas and delicate parts of the vehicle. It safely removes debris from glass, plastics, painted surfaces, and metal! Each of the sides of the mitt are fitted with a nylon Bug Sponge Mesh (works great with our Bug Off Cleaner) that tackles even the nastiest bug splatters and debris.

This is the plushest, most useful car wash mitt we have ever offered. Some car enthusiasts like using the plush chenille side for washing and other like to wash black cars with the sponge microfiber material. And of course having the sides of the mitt constructed with bug removing material will save the car washer time from having to get various items to clean the surfaces. This is a MUST GET detailers tool!

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