Qt. Bottles w/Sprayers For Carpet Dye System II Kit (16)

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If you purchase the Carpet Dye System II it comes with one quart bottle w/ sprayer. That means every time you want to mix a dye you would use the same quart bottle. Purchasing 16 of these 32 oz Spray Bottles here would enable you to have a quart bottle for all 17 dyes. This will save you time by having all dyes already mixed and ready to use as you need them

Whats In The Box?

Auto Detailing Supplies:

• Quart Bottle - commercial grade spray bottle can be used with either a sprayer or pour lid, to dispense your favorite chemical product. . . Learn More

•  Heavy Duty Sprayer - is the perfect for the everyday auto detailing chemical and all purpose cleaners. . . Learn More
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