Aquapel Rain Repellent Glass Treatment


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Developed and patented by PPG Industries, Inc., for the aviation industry, this unique proprietary treatment is applied to the exterior of vehicle glass, leaving the windshield and other treated glass surfaces water-resistant.

Rain beads up and rolls off. Snow and ice are easier to remove. Bugs and tree sap can be cleaned off glass with less difficulty.

Aquapel is different! Aquapel forms a chemical bond with the glass, which lasts up to six (6) times longer than silicon based products. Unlike other commercial rain repellents that can wash away in a matter of hours, one treatment lasts for months under normal use.

An Aquapel Glass Treatment is installed in minutes and lasts for up to six months in the windshield wiper area, under normal driving conditions lasts for up to eighteen months on side windows, under normal driving conditions.

Applies in 3 or 4 minutes with more durable performance; lasts at least six times longer. This is a single application product.

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