BLUGATOR Seatbelt Cleaning Brush

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Product Details
This specially designed Seatbelt cleaning brush is the answer to quickly and easily cleaning dirty seat belts. The BLUGATOR Seat Belt brush is just the right size and utilizes the proper bristles needed to quickly clean through the seatbelt fiber strains.

You make the outside of the car shine, but then open the door and see the seatbelts with coffee stains, make-up stains, ketchup and maybe even a little grease and now your car does not seem as shiny! The traditional way to get seatbelts clean is with a small handled brush and soap, which can be awkward to scrub the seat belt and difficult to really get them clean. Some great interior cleaning product choices to use with this brush: Automotive Extractor Soap, Pink Power, Velour Cleaner, Magic Cleaner.

Seat Belts get soiled very easily with dust, debris, and grease and because the fabric strains are so tightly woven together it makes very difficult to clean them the way they should be cleaned. Dirty seat belts stick out like a sore thumb especially if the rest of the car’s interior is “standing tall.” Most professional detailers when they see this brush say “why didn’t I think of that?” 

The BLUGATOR Seatbelt Brush was introduced at the recent car shows including SEMA 2019. Detailers watched with amazement at how much easier and how much more effective the BLUGATOR seatbelt brush is, then they tried it and wanted it immediately. This is how a detailer can create add-on services and grow sales. This seatbelt cleaning brush makes the overall detailing process more effective and much easier for your detailing team  - no one will skip detailing seatbelts with the BLUGATOR.
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