Battery Operated Tire Dressing Tank w/Brush

Item No: P-01-PL-00790

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This high-quality battery-operated Tire Shine Applicator Tank eliminates the hassle of replacing low-quality plastic spray bottles and pump sprayers. Make tire dressing quick and easy and avoid getting the dressing on the floor or staining the driveway. You will use at least half as much dressing as you would with a conventional quart bottle sprayer. This unit is powered by a battery pack with synchronized battery control levels and comes standard with a 110V AC wall charger.

The applicator consists of a round flow-through brush with a 40 degree flat fan spraying nozzle buried below the bristles. When you hold the brush against the tire's sidewall you just give the trigger a quick squeeze to wet the bristles and swish the brush around the tire. The tire is dressed professionally and evenly with less waste.

Standard Features include: High volume back up hand pump, stainless steel stress relief springs, 10’ hose, shoulder strap attachment, digital control of pressure, xenoy housing with santoprene rubber grip, rubber tank base, brush w/wand handle, 1.5 tick walled HDPE tank.

Makes the dressing of tires effortless with the very best results! You only use 1-2 squirts versus several squirts from a conventional plastic quart sprayer. You will use about 80% less dressing and this unit will quickly pay for itself.

Fill these tanks with your favorite dressing products such as 'Detail King' Super Blue, Black Out, or Non-Silicone Dressing. All tanks are tested before shipping and are built to last!


• Nozzle: 40° flat fan

• Body: Thick-walled HDPE Tank

• Hose: 10’ Hose

• Trigger: Viton sealed

• Max Solution Input: 1 1/2 Gallons

*This dressing applicator item is not compatible with thicker dressings like our Laguna Beach Tire Dressing*

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