BigFoot D-A High-Performance Cutting Compound - Coarse Blue



  • 9.DACOARSE250 – 250ml
    9.DACOARSE – 1000ml

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Product Details
D-A COARSE is a high-performance compound from RUPES designed to remove defects and deliver an impressive finish various surfaces. D-A Coarse continues the BigFoot polishing system tradition fast cutting, impressive finishing capability, and smooth operator experience with low dust and effortless wipe off. This compound is formulated to maximize the polishing power of all dual-action polishers, including random orbital and gear-driven tool movements, and pairs perfectly with RUPES BigFoot polishing pads. Use RUPES D-A Coarse Compound with BigFoot D-A Coarse blue foam pads, D-A wool pads, or microfiber pads to remove up to 1500 grit sand scratches on most automotive paints, gelcoat, and similar surfaces. The powerful cutting ability and unexpected level of finish quality produced by the RUPES D-A Coarse compound make it an ideal solution for automotive clear coat, gelcoat, lacquer, and many other surfaces in several industries.

What Products To Use?

The Rupes polishes and compounds work great with the Rupes brand polishing and compounding pads and we suggest the use of them with their product line-up. The Rupes products are colored coded to their corresponding polishing or compounding pad. The Rupes Uno Pure Polish which has a is to be used with the Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad.

Rupes has perfected each of their products to work exceptionally well with each pad, so that the operator will achieve showroom quality results.
Needless to say, you can still use Detail King's exclusive pad line-up with these products, if you so desire!

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