BigFoot D-A High-Performance Polish - Fine Yellow

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  • 9.DAFINE250 – 250ml
    9.DAFINE – 1000ml

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Product Details
D-A FINE combines the power to quickly polish away moderate paint defects with the finesse essential to producing a stunning haze-free finish on automotive paint, gelcoat, and similar surfaces. This unique fusion of performance is the result of RUPES extensive development and testing process combined with our technical expertise as a world leader in surface correction. BigFoot D-A Fine maximizes the finishing ability of all random or gear-driven orbital polishers when used with BigFoot D-A fine foam, wool, and microfiber pads. Use this amazing fine polishing compound by itself to remove moderate defects and create gloss on softer finishes or as a second step to further refine a surface corrected with BigFoot D-A Coarse Polishing Compound.

What Products To Use?

The Rupes polishes and compounds work great with the Rupes brand polishing and compounding pads and we suggest the use of them with their product line-up. The Rupes products are colored coded to their corresponding polishing or compounding pad. The Rupes Uno Pure Polish which has a is to be used with the Rupes White Finishing Foam Pad.

Rupes has perfected each of their products to work exceptionally well with each pad, so that the operator will achieve showroom quality results.
Needless to say, you can still use Detail King's exclusive pad line-up with these products, if you so desire!

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