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Detail King’s Black Carpet Dye is designed to rejuvenate faded carpet and restore its original color.  After cleaning and/or extracting your carpet and mats, spray and scrub with the dye so that your carpet regains that deep, rich, brand-new look!

Features & Details:

Revive your interior automotive carpets and mats.  Automotive carpets see tons of foot traffic and take quite a beating.  Naturally, they fade, weather, and accumulate stains.  Our Carpet Dye makes your carpet look years younger.

Restore color without changing it.  This carpet dye WILL NOT change the color of your carpet, only restore its original color.

Dilute dye with water to create an abundance of product.  One 8 ounce bottle of Carpet Dye can be diluted with 24 ounces of water.  That’s a lot of product to work with!  Dilute with smaller amounts of water to create a darker dye.

Great for spot dyeing.  Sometimes just a specific part of your carpet needs to be restored.  The Carpet Dye is applied via spray, meaning you can focus on just one or two areas.  

Every professional auto detailer should own a supply of carpet dyes.  Fresh, richly colored carpets can change the whole complexion of a vehicle’s interior.  Customers will be thrilled to see new-looking carpets.

For Best Results:

Choose a dye that is a shade darker than your carpet’s color.  Pour an 8-ounce bottle of dye in a 32-ounce plastic bottle sprayer, filling the rest of the bottle with water.  Shake well.

Before dyeing carpet, clean and shampoo.  Use our Hot Shot Plus aerosol spray to pre-treat severe stains.  Scrub the spray into the carpet with a Mat and Carpet Brush.

Spray and brush our Extractor Soap into the carpet using the same method as the Hot Shot Plus If desired, use the Extractor Soap with an extractor for deep cleaning.  Allow the carpet to dry.

Spray water onto the carpet before applying the dye.  Make sure to wear gloves.  Spray the surface with dye mix and work into the carpet with a Mat and Carpet Brush.  Repeat as necessary until the color is restored.

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