Car Care "Bug Remover" Value Kit


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Car Care "Bug Remover" Value Kit

This kit is solely for the removal of bugs and bug splatters. You get 2 sponges so you can have the right size sponge for every component of the vehicle you are working on. Do not let the bug splatters stay on the paint for long periods. They can stain the paint and bury themselves deep into the 1st layer of clear coat paint.

Bug Off Remover- Simply wet the affected are first with water the spray a mist of Bugg Off Remover onto the wetted affected area. Let the product set-up for about 30 seconds and then use the included Bug Sponge to rub away those nasty bug splatters. You may have to repeat the steps if necessary. Scented like grapes. (16 oz. bottle)

Bug Sponge- Our Bug Sponge is a commercial grade auto detailing accessory that aides in the removal of bug splatters. Can be used in conjunction with our Bug Off bug remover. Will not mar painted surfaces when used correctly with cleaner and water.

Two in One Sponge Two sponges in one. Firm side removes tar, bugs and heavy grime without scratching. Soft side spreads soap and water cleaning the surface. 7.50" X 4.25" X 2.5"

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