Car Care "Bug & Tar Remover" Value Kit


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The make-up of Bugs and Tar are actually very different. So to easily and effectively remove these very different pollutants you need the proper product for each. Once they are removed you should then protect and shine the area of the paint that the bugs and tar affected. With this kit you will be able to do both!

Bug Off Remover - Simply wet the affected area first with water and then spray a mist of Bug Off Remover onto the surface area. Let the product set-up for about 30 seconds and then use the included Bug Sponge to rub away those nasty bug splatters. You may have to repeat the steps if necessary. Scented like grapes. (16 oz. bottle)

Tarminator -This aerosol spray quickly removes sticky tar and stubborn grime that detergents, soap, and water can't take off -even with a pressure washer. Great for automotive fenders, rocker panels, bumpers, grills, windows, and body panels that pick-up road tar, grease and sap. Cleans painted surfaces in preparation for polishing and waxing. Removes silicone and wax build-up. Won't harm clear coats or vinyl trim when used as directed. 14 oz Can. Cannot be shipped by air.

Final Touch Ultra Express Wax/Pad Conditioner - Use our Final Touch Ultra for shine and protection in-between car washes and details. An amazing express spray wax. Can also be used as a foam pad conditioner. Peach scented. (16 oz. bottle)

Microfiber Wax Applicator - Use this plush microfiber wax applicator to easily apply wax, cleaner polish, and sealant. No need to worry about streaking or scratching the car's paint with this premium microfiber applicator.
This applicator will outlast all terry applicators and applies product more evenly and can deep clean the paint when used with a cleaning polish. These are washable and re-usable.

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