Car Care "Headliner Cleaning" Value Kit


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Car Care "Headliner Cleaning" Value Kit 

Headliners can really get nasty dirty over time. If you don't keep up with them they are almost impossible to thoroughly clean without possibly damaging them. This kit is for both cloth and vinyl headliners. Be sure to dilute the magic cleaner in half with water before using it. Just simply dampen the Aqua Sponge with water, wring out approximately 75% and spray a mist of the Magic Cleaner on the wet sponge. Clean and 2' x 2' area at a time. Do not get the headliner too wet. Use a clean towel to remove the dirt once the sponge has loosened it up. For stains on the headliner that need cleaned use the Velour Upholstery Cleaner with the damp sponge or towel. Works like a charm! 

MAGIC Cleaner Concentrate- Used for Interior carpets, upholstery and mats for quick and expert cleaning of heavily soiled areas. MAGIC Cleaner quickly breaks down grease, oil, dirt, mineral deposits, wax, road film, stubborn stains, etc. Also works great on trunk & cargo area carpets and liners. This product will not leave a film on interior components when it dries. Magic Cleaner can be diluted 10 to 1 and still be very effective. It is best to make a few different solution dilutions so you have a quart ready for various jobs. This product has a pleasant Febreze-like scent and is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. (16 oz. bottle) 

Velour Upholstery Cleaner- Our Velour Upholstery Cleaner is formulated for the automotive detail specialist. This product will clean velour seats, carpets, headliners, sun visors, and door panels without leaving the fabric wet. Packaged in 18 oz. aerosol cans.

The Hydra Sponge - Is the best cleaning sponge on the market. We use this sponge to professionally clean vehicle head-liners. Will hold-up well and last long. Can also be used with our Velour Cleaner to quickly and effectively shampoo velour seats and door panel upholstery. Easy grip design makes this sponge perfect for cleaning headliners! Made from Hydrophilated Polyester for maximum absorbency! 
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