Car Care "Tire & Wheel" Value Kit


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Ever see a great looking car on the road, the shine looks super, the car is very sharp and the paint is gleaming but what about those wheels? The average car owner does not know how to properly maintain the appearance of their wheels. It all starts with cleaning them on a regular basis! This kit will equip you with everything to clean your wheels and tires with, quickly and efficiently without damaging them.

Whats In The Box?

Exterior Chemicals & Dressings (16 oz):

• Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser For Engines & Wheels - is a caustic, very powerful, concentrated cleaner & degreaser that can be used effectively to clean the dirtiest engine compartments, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, fiberglass boat bodies, and horribly dirty white vinyl convertible roofs. . . Learn More

• Tire & White Wall Cleaner - is a super concentrated, caustic, heavy-duty cleaning product that will aggressively and easily clean the dirtiest tires, white walls and raised white lettered tires. This product contains a darkening agent and actually "darkens out" the rubber so when the tires are dressed they actually look like new and have a great shine to them! . . . Learn More

• Super Blue Tire Dressing -
 is a premium spray-on, solvent based, tire and rubber dressing product that contains silicone. This product is long lasting and yields a superior shine and high hiding finish. . . Learn More

Applicators, Brushes & Accessories (1 each):

• Contoured Dressing Applicator - can be used to neatly dress tires, especially the low profile ones. . . Learn More

Soft Flagged Bristle Brush (1) - is the perfect soft bristle brush to use for dressing your tires, cleaning your wheels, and even cleaning interior components of the vehicle. . . Learn More

Medium Duty Tire Brush (1) -  perfect for scrubbing black wall tires. Also, use this brush to remove dirt and grime from non clear coated wheels, wheel wells, and tires. . . Learn More

• Soft Grip Slot Wheel Brush (1) - is great to clean between the slots and spokes of wheels. . . Learn More

Please note certain products in this kit are known as a Limited Quantity chemicals through the PA Dept. of Transportation and are not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.
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