Car Care "Wheel Cleaning & Scrubbing" Value Kit


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Car Care "Wheel Cleaning & Scrubbing" Value Kit

This Detail King Car Care Kit features a few different wheel cleaners and brushes to make it easy to keep your wheels clean and looking great. For very dirty and greasy wheels use the Citrus Degreaser. If your wheels just need cleaned and maintained our Special Force Plus is a great product to use. We also have included a soft wheel brush for the faces of your wheels, a slot wheel brush for grooves and our all new Lug Nut Brush that is perfect to clean lugs and the nooks and crannies of the wheels.

Citrus Cleaner- Our Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser is a caustic, very powerful, concentrated cleaner & degreaser that can be used effectively to clean the dirtiest engine compartments, wheels, door jambs, wheel wells, fiberglass boat bodies, and horribly dirty white vinyl convertible roofs. (16 oz bottle)

Special Force PLUS- Is a Powerful, all-purpose, non-caustic cleaner. Special Force PLUS is very concentrated and can be used on just about any exterior component of a vehicle. This product works well on fiberglass, cloth & vinyl convertible roofs, truck bed tonneau covers, bed liners, door jambs, boat interiors, hub caps, grills, plastic bumper covers, running boards, wheel wells and much more!

Special Force PLUS can also be used as an effective cleaner on wheels, & engines that are not to terribly dirty. As a wheel cleaner Special Force PLUS would be one level below our Citrus Degreaser. Special Force PLUS has a pleasant raspberry scent and is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. (16 oz. bottle)

Commercial Soft Grip Deluxe Slot/Spoke Wheel Brush- Use this brush to clean between the slots and spokes of wheels. New soft grip handle makes it comfortable to use. More bristles are stapled to the base of this brush than the other spoke brush shown on this page. This brush would be more popular for professional detailers due to the use it will receive. 11" length, bristle shaft width is 2.75".

Soft Bristle Brush For Wheels- 2.00" green flagged tip polystyrene bristles are chemical resistant to acids, heat and detergents, provides for gentle washing of any surface. Excellent to use to clean clear coated wheels, door jambs, engine compartments, and vinyl & leather interior components. Bristles are set in a sturdy foam block. Overall length 8.50".

The Lug Nut Brush- Invented by two car buffs in Silicone Valley California who wanted cleaner lug nuts without spending a whole lot of time or effort. These guys created the LugNut Brush, a faster, easier and better way to keep wheels looking their absolute best. Until now, it's been a very tedious, unsatisfying job using a cotton swab, a towel, high-pressure water, or chemicals... just to get inside those tiny areas where dirt likes to hide.

There must be a better way is what these two car buffs said and so they spoke to owners of exotic cars, professional detailers, auto restorers, and car dealers. Everyone wanted a solution to this problem and frankly, it took many designs, molds, brush testing, and prototypes to create just the right cleaning tool... ala The LugNut Brush!

Please note certain products in this kit are known as a Limited Quantity chemicals through the PA Dept. of Transportation and are not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.
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