Car Interior Cleaning & Sanitizing Business Start Up Kit


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Start your very own Car Interior Cleaning & Sanitizing business. You can go to your customer's home or place of work or they can come to you. With the latest worldwide events, people are now more conscious of keeping their car interiors clean and germ-free. This is an entirely new business opportunity and if marketed correctly could be a huge opportunity. You can do this full time or part-time and create an additional revenue stream for you. 

Here’s What Comes In The Kit:

Mytee 8070 Heated Interior Extractor -  The Mytee Lite III 8070 is the perfect heated carpet extractor for mobile auto detailers and small detail shops. Do not let its compact size fool you though. The Mytee 8070 heated extractor…Learn More

Vapamore MR – 750 Ottimo Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaning System - The MR-750 Ottimo is the ultimate in steam cleaning for heavy-duty home use or light-duty commercial use. Ottimo, which means “Ultimate” in Italian, perfectly describes the performance and power of the MR-750 Ottimo...Learn More

Ozone Generator – Pro 4 - The Pro 4 does the job right the first time! This unit gives an ozone output of  0 to 2100 mgph. It can be operated at full strength to provide a high ozone shock treatment to an area, or can be adjusted to run continuously at lower levels for smoke and odor removalLearn More

Automotive Interior Extractor Soap -  The Automotive Interior Extractor Soap is a powerful, low-foaming fabric and carpet cleaner that produces amazing results when used with an extractor or applied by handLearn More

Apter Disinfecting Cleaner - Use this product after your cleaning process to disinfect plastic, leather, vinyl, etc. You receive 2-quart size bottles with this kit. Apter Disinfecting Cleaner is Bleach Free and Alcohol-Free however we recommend testing an inconspicuous area prior to cleaning a surfaceLearn More

Microfiber Interior Cleaning Towels  - You receive one dozen of our Microfiber Car Interior Cleaning Towels is a plush and tough microfiber towel that is the ideal size and thickness to clean vehicle interior vinyl, leather, trim, and plastic. This towel quickly absorbs the dirty water off of any surface!...Learn More 

Detail King can advise you how to use this equipment either by phone our watching our Interior Cleaning Videos. All of the equipment included each has a video published on the main page of each of the items. Detail King is only a phone call away! 

We have a very broad selection of Car Care Interior Products, be sure to check them out!

If ordered separately these items would cost $2297.44, by purchasing this kit you Save $100. 
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