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Car Interior Cleaning is actually a business of its own, an excellent niche to go after! The potential is huge for professional car interior cleaning and detailing specialists to establish many customer niches including commercial accounts and perform profitable interior detailing services on their vehicles. We have had much interest with this package especially from Women. Women have an "eye" for cleaning and detailing car interiors. You may want to consider attending our auto detailing classes where we teach how to clean car interior.

Potential customers that you will want to procure may be: Caterers, Limousine & Livery Services, Funeral Hearse Care, Senior Citizen Transportation Vehicles, Ambulances & EMS Vehicles, Fleet Vehicle Care, Pet-Mobiles, Kid-Mobiles, K-9 Police Vehicles, Over-The Road Tractors, Tour Bus Care, Sick-Vehicle-Sanitizing, and of course the private SUV, Mini Van, Motor Home and Aircraft owners are all potential customers! Everyone wants their vehicle’s interior clean and smelling good but the “average Joe” does not know how to do it nor do they have the time.

Listed Below is what is included with this Business Package:


Mytee Lite II Heated Interior Extractor: All New For 2014! The Mytee Lite 8070 comes standard with a 120 PSI pump, 1200 watt onboard heating system and a powerful 3 stage vacuum motor. You will be able to offer professional and PROFITABLE carpet and upholstery cleaning services. The Mytee Heated Extractor will deep clean the dirtiest carpet and upholstery fibers quickly and efficiently. You will have inquiries to clean dirty SUV interiors, mini vans along with other types of vehicles that their interiors really need some attention. The Mytee Carpet Cleaning Machine will quickly and efficiently do the job!

Ozone Generator: Our Pro 4 Ozone Generator can be used to destroy foul car interior odors that can't be eliminated by through any normal cleaning methods. Ozone is very effective destroying odors originating from bacteria, mold, mildew and even terrible smoke odors.

Tornador Classic Car Tool: This pneumatic car interior cleaning tool auto detailing tool dispenses air, water and soap all at once and makes the cleaning of headliners, door panels, dash boards, consoles and all other car interior components quick and easy. This will cut the interior cleaning time almost in half and does a superior job. You will need an air compressor to operate the Tornador Car Tool, the manufacture suggests a compressor with at least a 5.4 CFM rating and be equipped with at least a 6 gallon tank. To see how the Tornador Classic Car Tool works watch this video.

Vacuum Cleaner: The Rigid 3.5 Peak HP vacuum cleaner comes standard with a 7' 1 7/8" locking hose, Carpet tool, crevice tool, and 4 wheels and only weighs 15 lbs, gets the job done!

Best Interior Car Cleaning Products:

1- Gallon Each: Automotive Extractor Soap, Magic Cleaner Concentrate, Pink Power Interior Cleaner, Bio-Zyme Cleaner, Fabric Protector, Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing.

1- Quart Each: Interior Car Scent (your choice), Odor Free Car Scent, Final Touch Ultra Express Wax, Interior Super Soap (for Tornador), Red 1 Red Stain Remover, Extractor Defoamer, Extractor System Maintainer.

Aerosols Cans:

(1) Velour Upholstery Cleaners, (2) Instant Spray Magics, (3) Hot Shot Stain Removers. 1/2- Liter Sprays: (1) Lexol Leather Cleaner, (1) Lexol Leather Conditioner, and (1) Lexol Vinylex Vinyl Cleaner.

Detailing Tools & Accessories:

(1) Dozen Turk Towels 27" x 16," (1) Dozen Huck Lint Free Window Towels, (1) Dozen Microfiber Interior Cleaning Towels, (7) Quart Bottles w/Heavy Duty Sprayers, (1) Sure Shot Sprayer, (3) Magic Foam Eraser Sponges, (1) 12 Pack of Sponge on A Stick, (6) Dressing Applicators, (1) Five Gallon Bucket, (1) Box of 250 Seat Covers w/dispensing box, 500 Plastic Coated Paper Mats, 100 Loose Items Plastic Bags, (1) 6" Funnel, (1) Aqua Sponge.

Detailing Brushes:

(1) Rubber Pet Hair Brush, (1) Leather Seat Brush (for scrubbing leather seats), (1) Step Panel Mat & Carpet Brush, (1) Carpet & Upholstery Scrub Brush, (1) Carpet, Mat and Fender Scrub Brush, (1) Car Interior Utility Scrub Brush, (1) Commercial Soft Grip Slot Brush (great for in between seats), (1) Dash and AC Vent Brush, (1) Toothbrush Style Nylon Detail Brush, (1) Detail Brush Paint Brush Style.

We will also include our Car Interior Cleaning & Detailing DVD PLUS Auto Detailing Methods & Procedures Guide which covers the use of the various chemicals, brushes, accessories, and detailing processes. You will receive enough chemicals to clean and detail between 40-50 cars initially. The equipment is commercial grade will last you for years.

“Due to California Carb regulations we cannot ship this item to a private residence in California, but we can ship this item to a business address in California.”
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