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The Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax is a user-friendly, synthetic wax that offers supreme surface protection for your vehicles.  Applied like any other wax, this product wicks away water and protects against harsh elements your car faces on the road! Excellent on black and other dark-colored vehicles!

Features & Details:

Ceramic resins add extra protection to your vehicle’s surface.  Use as a sealant after compounding and polishing or add a layer before adding a ceramic coating to ensure your paint blocks damage and maintains a high sheen.  

Hydrophobic technology.  The Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax will make water bead on your surface so that it doesn’t leave water spots, mineral deposits, or stains from road spray.  Wick away worries about corrosion and rusting.

Protect against harsh UV rays and environmental fallout.  While sunlight makes paint gleam and look pretty, it also takes a toll.  The Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax blocks UV rays from fading and oxidizing your paint.  It also protects against fallout such as pollution, pollen, tree sap, and insects.

Incredibly easy to use.  While you can certainly apply the Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax with a polisher or buffer, it can easily be applied by hand.  Just spray, buff, and wipe clean to save time and effort.

Add after polymer sealants for extra protection.  Polymer sealants, such as our STS 3000, will protect and shine your surface after compounding and polishing.  Applying the Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax after will add life to your sealant and depth to the color of your paint.

For Best Results:

Work on a clean surface.  Shake bottle well and spray surface in a 2’x2’ area.  Gently rub into paint with a microfiber towel.  Let the product dry and then buff off with another Microfiber Towel.

If using a polisher or buffer, spray your polishing pad and buff in circular motions on low to medium speed until a high gloss is achieved.  Lower your speed as the product disappears, then wipe with a Microfiber Towel.

Ceramic Liquid Spray Wax is available in both Pint 16 oz and Quart 32 oz sizes.
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