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The Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner is an incredibly easy to use wheel cleaner that removes contaminants with little to no scrubbing.  Safe to use on all types of wheels, simply spray the cleaner on your wheels and let the product do all the cleaning for you.  It’s that easy!

Features & Details:

Touch-free means you don’t have to do anything but spray and watch.  Why waste time and energy scrubbing repeatedly when you can let your cleaner do the work for you?  Just spray the Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner on your wheels and watch the grime melt away.  In extreme cases, some slight brushing may be necessary for the best results.

The name says it all.  This cleaner is a true chameleon because it changes colors to let you know it’s working.  While the solution is translucent in the bottle, it turns dark red and purple as it foams and attacks grime on your wheels. 

Safe to use on all types of wheels.  The Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner can be used on steel, alloy, chrome, painted, powder-coated, uncoated, and anodized aluminum.  Refurbish the brilliance of your wheels, rims, hub caps, lug nuts, and even brake calipers with the ease of a spray.

You name it, the Chameleon vanquishes it.  Whether your wheels have fallen victim to burnt-on brake dust, oil, grease, rubber residue, salt, mud, grime, or other road sprays, they can be saved by the Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner.  It’s a one-stop-shop.

Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places.  A great feature of this cleaner is that it can clean areas of your wheel that you can’t reach with a brush.  Instead of taking your wheel off to get to these areas, just give a thorough spray of the Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner.

For Best Results:

Ensure your wheels are cool and dry before applying the Chameleon Premium Aluminum Wheel Cleaner.  Spray an even coating on your wheels.

Let the cleaner sit for a few minutes and watch it turn a deep red to purple as it removes grime.  If the wheels are extremely dirty, you may need to use a Soft Wheel Brush to activate the cleaner.

Rinse off to reveal sparkling clean wheels in a matter of minutes!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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