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Product Details
Cleaned and Dressed is a phenomenal interior detailing product that performs two vital tasks at the same time: cleaning and dressing.  Perfect to refresh and restore interior plastic and vinyl, Cleaned and Dressed also protects against future contaminants.  Do two jobs in half the time!

Features & Details:

Two-for-one interior detailing action.  Cleaned and Dressed will remove dirt, dust, and grime that has built up on your interior plastic and vinyl, and then leave a lasting gorgeous sheen.  The one-step process saves you time and effort.

Protect against future dirt accumulation.  Cleaned and Dressed contains an anti-static additive that prevents dirt and dust from collecting on your surfaces.  You have to love a product that works while you don’t!

Safe to use on a wide array of interior components.  Restore all your plastic and vinyl interior surfaces, including door panels, dashboards, center consoles, glove compartments, cupholders, trimming, and around gear shifts.

Fight back against sun rays and unpleasant odors.  Cleaned and Dressed has UV blocking agents that thwart sunshine from fading plastic and vinyl, adding life to your surfaces – just like suntan lotion!  It also contains odor neutralizers that keep your interior smelling fresh.

Use just as a dressing on surfaces that have previously been cleaned.  You can use Cleaned and Dressed as just dressing to add a bit of zing to surfaces that are clean but lacking luster.  Leave a vibrant shine on aged plastic and vinyl so that it looks factory fresh.

For Best Results:

Shake the bottle and spray a bit onto a dressing applicator or small Microfiber Towel  Rub into your surface to clean, then flip the towel to a dry side and buff to achieve a glossy finish.

Cleaned and Shined just like that!