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Detail King Dream Team Polish Value Package - Pint Size 

  Here you have our exterior surface protection products that you need to keep your own vehicle or your customer's vehicles looking outstanding and protected year-round! 

  Blue Diamond Polish is an awesome body shop safe polishing glaze that cleans, polishes, removes swirls and even protects, all in one step! Never a product like this until now. 

  STS 3000 is the best form of paint protection on the market! Will provide protection for up to a year or longer when applied as a second step after the Blue Diamond Polish. 

  Aqua Seal is a patent pending Detail King exclusive express wet surface polymer sealant. Nothing ever like it on the market. Use after you have washed your vehicle to maintain the level of protection and shine. You must try this to believe it!!!!!!! 

  Here are the descriptions of each of the polishes included in the "Detail King Dream Team Polish Kit:" 

  Blue Diamond Polish & Sealant is Body Shop Safe! It is a very unique polish that not only imparts a dazzling gloss, it will also remove buffer swirls, microsurface imperfections and light oxidation. Blue Diamond will remove 3000 grit sanding scratches and similar substrate imperfections. Buffs without gumming or clogging buffing pads. Leaves a non-oily mirror-like finish. This is our best polish we have ever offered, you will not believe the results. If you want a true wet look finish with long lasting protection - this is it. None finer on the market! Blue Diamond can be used as a one step glaze/polish and sealant. Will provide 6-9 months protection. For additional protection apply STS3000 Polymer Sealant after polishing with our Blue Diamond for even longer protection! 

Blue Diamond can be used in the body shop because it is free of silicones! Our best form of paint protection we have ever offered! This product will remove micro scratches, swirls, cob webs, light oxidation and water spots while protecting the paint and make it Bling! Blue Diamond can be applied by hand or with an orbital polisher. Protects up to ONE FULL YEAR! A cleaner, glaze, polish and paint sealant all in one, and it's body shop safe! 

  STS 3000 Polymer Sealant is one of the finest, long-lasting paint sealants available. A unique blend of polymers, resin and Zonyl that forms a durable protective coating. STS 3000 is the most Advanced Polymer Sealant on the market today! Easily applied by hand or orbital, leaving an unbeatable shine on all types of paint. Formulated for base coat/clear coat paints, VOC compliant. Pleasant banana scent, easy on, easy off. Great for boats and motorcycles, too! Protection will last typically 9 months to 1 year. Professional detailers usually charge $30-$50 additional for Paint Sealant service. No need to wax, use this product instead of wax. Pint size. If you are a car enthusiast or professional auto detailer you owe it to yourself and your customers to provide them with the finest paint protection on the market. Just visit the car car forums and search for STS 3000 to see what others are saying about this product. You will not use anything else once you try this sealant. Why pay $30-$40 for a pint of "designer" wax or polish. You are paying for their advertising and fancy labels!! 

  AQUA SEAL Wet Surface Polymer offers a long lasting protective film to most automotive surfaces: paint, trim and chrome. AQUA SEAL's unique application method is much easier to apply and remove (one step) than conventional paint sealant products. Directions: Apply to a clean, wet surface. Completely soak a clean microfiber polishing towel (our Microfiber Super Towels work great). Wring excess water from towel and fold into a useable size.

Sprinkle AQUA SEAL evenly onto the towel (not the vehicle). Rub towel evenly into surface being treated until the AQUA SEAL disappears. Remove any residual material using a clean dry microfiber towel if needed. This is a very unique product that will allow you to provide an "express" paint sealant service to the vehicle without having to use an orbital polisher or applying by hand and then having to remove by hand. The application and removal of AQUA SEAL will be accomplished with one easy step. Protection will last up to 16 car washes.

Please note certain products in this kit are known as a Limited Quantity chemicals through the PA Dept. of Transportation and are not allowed to ship USPS, please choose UPS.

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