Detail King New Car Protection Package - Quarts w/Lexol


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Detailers: "Don't forget all those new cars." We all get so focused on detailing used cars and we forget about all the opportunities out there to protect the New Cars that have just been sold.
The average cost of a new car today is over $30,000.00. Car dealers offer New Car Protection Packages of between $400 - $1000! Many car buyers turn the dealer down for the package because of the high price but still need their new car protected.
You need to find the New Cars that were just sold. The best time to offer a New Car Protection Package is during the first 60 days of ownership. You can get prospects directly from the sales people at the dealerships or actively promote it on your web site & advertising.
Detail King Makes It Easy! Included with this package is one quart of our STS 3000 Polymer Paint Sealant, one quart of our Spill Defender Fabric Protector for carpets & upholstery, one quart of our Pearl Gloss Interior Vinyl Dressing and a 1/2 liter spray bottle of Lexol Leather Conditioner.
You can offer a New Car Protection Package to protect the paint, the carpet & upholstery, the vinyl interior and the leather seats if the car has leather. Most of our detailers that offer this package get between $200-$300 and the application only takes about 2.5 hours because the car is still new!
There is enough product to protect about 5-10 average size cars in this package. You do the numbers, invest $50 here plus shipping to bring in $$$$$! Check out our New Car Protection Packages that Bling Bling Detail King does.
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