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Ex-Con Automotive Concrete, Rust, Tree Sap, and Scale Remover

The Ex-Con Automotive Concrete, Rust, Tree Sap, and Scale Remover is an effective and gentle compound of non-fuming, acid cleaning agents that penetrate and remove difficult stains that have been bound to your vehicle.  While concrete, tree sap, and rust blemishes present a danger to the health of your vehicle’s surface, Ex-Con will safely remove these substances without damaging your paint.  Make those nasty and sticky stains disappear and restore your car to glory!

Features & Details:

Succeed where a basic wash-and-scrub will not.  For tough stains such as concrete, tree sap, and rust, scrubbing your vehicle’s surface with just water and soap is often not effective.  The Ex-Con Automotive Concrete, Rust, Tree Sap, and Scale Remover is specially formulated to eradicate the peskiest of stains that threaten your vehicle’s surface.

Safely remove substances that bind to your vehicle’s surface.  Concrete and tree sap are especially nasty because once they dry, they leave your paint susceptible to stains, scratches, and discoloration.  Concrete contains alkaline, which can eat paint, and tree sap can leave stains if left in the sun.  Ex-Con will remove these substances while protecting your paint from marring and scratching.

Attack rust before it spreads.  Rust is particularly troublesome for cars because once it occurs, additional water exposure encourages the proliferation of more rust.  Use Ex-Con to remove rust before it snowballs into a larger issue that requires more time and money.

Perfect for keeping fiberglass boat bodies clean.  Ex-Con excels in removing water spots, algae, and scum that accumulates while your boat is in the water.  Exposure in water can leave behind mineral deposits called lime scales that require more than a basic scrub for removal.  Use Ex-Con to ensure your boat stays shining all summer long.

Essential for vehicles exposed to nature, construction sites, and harsh elements.  Anyone who keeps their vehicle outside is liable to run into a stain they can’t seem to remove.  But for those who work in construction, the risk of getting sprayed with concrete is much higher.  Tree sap and rust is a problem for off-roaders and avid campers whose vehicles are parked under trees.  If this sounds like you, get ahead of paint damages with Ex-Con.

For Best Results:

Spray Ex-Con Automotive Concrete, Rust, Tree Sap, and Scale Remover onto your tarnished surface and let it sit for at least 15 seconds to soak into the stain.  Use a clean towel such as our Turk Towel to carefully wipe off the stain.

For stubborn stains, this process may need to be repeated several times to achieve the desired result.

Avoid using Ex-Con in direct sunlight, do not let it dry to your vehicle’s surface, and do not use it on aluminum surfaces because irreversible damage could occur.  

Don’t wait, purchase Ex-Con today and get ahead of pesky stains!

Available in a 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for a freight quote or we will contact you after your order)

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.
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