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Product Details
The Effective Spray Compound is an innovative, heavy correcting compound that instantly primes your pads and removes oxidation, stains, and swirl marks from your clear coat paint.  This compound is highly efficient and user-friendly, and safe to use on any polishing pad.  Save time and money by shrinking the compounding process into one step!
Features & Details:
Skip priming your pads.  Because the Effective Spray Compound is a spray, it primes your polishing pad when it is applied.  Conventional compounds need to be lubricated to spread the product, but with the Effective Compound, you’re ready to go once you spray.

Diminishing Abrasive Technology is gentle on your paint.  The Effective Spray Compound contains a blend of aluminae oxides and polishing agents that cut through swirls and leave paint glossy and vibrant.

Remove heavy imperfections plaguing your clear coat.  The Effective Spray Compound will eliminate heavy stains, swirl marks, buffer halos, and heavy oxidation without micro-marring your finish.  Works great for polishing boat bodies and removing haze marks.

Compatible with any polishing pad or machine polisher.  The Effective Spray Compound is thin enough to be sprayed, meaning that it will not clog microfiber cutting pads or foam polishing pads.  This means your pads last longer and work more effectively.  This spray is used in such small quantities that you avoid wasting product, again, saving you money.

A must-own for detailers.  The Effective Spray is VOC compliant and body-shop safe.  The thin formulation of this spray allows abrasives to break down into a fine polish, making it great for one-step polishing or as the first step before further compounding.

For Best Results:
Use with a polisher, such as one of our Rupes Polishers, and a Blue Coarse Foam Pad.  The Effective Spray Compound can be used with any pad; if you need heavier correction, choose a heavier duty pad.  More aggressive pads provide a faster correction.

Spray your pad with a few spritzes of the Effective Spray Compound.  This also primes the pad.  We recommend you start with a soft pad and at a slow speed to see how quickly your finish is being corrected.  

•       Start the polisher at a low speed to spread the compound and increase levels to compound according to your needs.  Work in 2 ft. by 2 ft. sections at a time.