Gem Orbital Polisher "Buff 'N Glaze" Value Package - 13 lb.

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New and Improved Powerful Motor and Lighter Weight Machine – Now 13 Lbs!

Our Gem 13 lb Orbital Polisher
has the same heavy-duty housing as the Gem orbital 16 lb unit. This unit is lighter than the 16 lb unit and preferred by women detailers. Overall height is 8" - RPM: 1730.

You can use this polisher to remove light to medium oxidation and water spots with the proper polish or polishing compound. Our Vibra Cut Lite works great with this polisher. The Gem orbital polishers are also a great tool to apply the final layer of protection. Our Cherry Wet Wax or the STS 3000 Poly Sealant are excellent choices to protect the paint and seal in your work.

Our Gem SUPER Heavy Weight Orbital Bonnets are made from a very plush, terry bath towel material. This is a SUPER HEAVY WEIGHT BONNETT not just a Heavy Weight - there is a big difference. Great bonnet to apply waxes, sealants, polishes and awesome to compound with.

The Gem Orbital Bonnets will last longer than every other bonnet on the market and your application/removal will be far superior!! These are the finest of any orbital bonnet s on the market and are made to last through many applications and washings. To be used with our Gem Orbital Buffers. They are priced individually or can be sold by the dozen. Size: 11" Weight: 24 oz.

Never use bleach or fabric softener when washing. Bonnets are now only #1 grade and sold in white. Wash first with a cup of vinegar in wash water before using. These bonnets are to be used with our Gem Orbital Polishers. (six bonnets included)

Gem Orbital Polisher Microfiber Bonnets are perfect to remove the final layer of protection. These bonnets are very plush microfiber material. They will not scratch painted finishes and will outlast all other orbital bonnets. Never use bleach when washing any orbital polisher bonnet. Try our Micro Kleen liquid detergent soap to deeply penetrate and clean any microfiber product. (six bonnets included)

Vibra Cut Lite Leveling Compound- Use to level-down medium oxidation and to remove mild to medium environmental fallout and scratches from the painted surfaces. Works great with our Super Heavy Weight Terry Bonnets. Buffs to a remarkable shine! Hi-tech space age formula. Follow up with our Foam Pad Glaze Green apple scented. (32 oz. bottle)

Foam Pad Glaze & Polish- Our Foam Pad polishing product contains glaze to remove light imperfections and cleanse the paint. Perfect polish to remove micro scratches and micro marring in clear coat finishes. Works great with both microfiber or terry bonnets. Foam Pad Glaze also contains special polishes to protect and leaves a "wet look" shine! Vanilla scented. (32 oz. bottle)

If you are detailing vehicles that are a few years old chances are the clear coat paint is starting to show some wear. Water spots, bird dropping stains, and some light scratches. This kit will assist you with performing light to medium paint leveling and then glazing to a wet look finish.