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Jade Edge Ceramic Coating is a nanocrystalline coating designed to create a clear, durable shield on your automotive trim that protects against weather, UV rays, chemicals, corrosion, and more.  This product will protect and shine your trim for at least a year!

Features & Details:

Add a clear, protective layer to your automotive trim.  The Jade Edge Ceramic Coating will bond to your trim surfaces, protecting against water damage, sun exposure, pollen, insect remains, corrosion, and road grime.

Safe to use on vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces.  The Jade Edge is perfect for shielding bumper covers, trim moldings, running board inserts, plastic mirrors, and many other exterior trim components.  These are areas that are highly vulnerable to damage.

Enduring strength that won’t falter.  The Jade Edge is a 5H on the ceramic coating hardness scale.  It offers superior protection for at least one year, so you won’t need to constantly reapply or worry about it washing off.

Highly hydrophobic and easy to clean.  Water will run right off your surfaces that have been treated with the Jade Edge.  This makes your surfaces unbelievably easy to clean because the coating essentially can clean itself.  Think of it as an impenetrable raincoat for your plastic and vinyl!

Leave a lasting sheen on your surfaces.  Your surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned before applying the Jade Edge.  Once the coating is applied, it will maintain that same sparkling shine, allowing the true color of your surface to shine through.

For Best Results:

Clean your surfaces thoroughly before applying the Jade Edge.  Spray our Jade Refresh Surface Prep before adding the ceramic coat to remove oils that affect bonding.  Make sure you coat on a cool, dry surface.

Wear a respirator and gloves when applying a ceramic coating.  Add a strip of coating to the included applicator, and rub it into your desired surface in an overlapping, crosshatch pattern.  Allow 5-10 minutes for the coating to cure before wiping the excess with a Microfiber Towel.

Wait an hour after applying Jade Edge to apply any additional, desired coats.  Wait 48 hours after your final application before exposing your vehicle to water.

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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