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Product Details
The Jade Refresh Surface Prep is essential for preparing your painted surfaces for ceramic coating.  It contains mild solvents that will dissolve old compounds, polishes, and waxes that can alter the bonding process of ceramic coats.  Don’t skip this vital step!

Features & Details:

Mild solvents strip troublesome materials from your surface.  Oils from old polish and wax residue on your surface can cause ceramic coatings to have a hard time bonding.  Remove these substances that clog your paint.

Ensure your surface is clean before applying a ceramic coating.  You don’t want any scratches, imperfections, or residue on your paint before applying a ceramic coating.  The coating will actually magnify your blemishes.  Get your paint clean with Refresh Surface Prep.

Will not leave streaks on your surface.  The last thing you want when trying to get your paint as clean as possible is to leave behind nasty streaks.  The Refresh Surface Prep does not leave behind any residue or film.

Extraordinarily easy to use.  The Refresh Surface Prep makes preparation a breeze.  All you need to do is spray the product onto a soft towel and wipe it onto the surface.  It doesn’t get much simpler.

Make sure your ceramic coating lasts.  Without using the Refresh Surface Prep first, you may not get the most out of your ceramic coating.  Proper preparation will ensure you get the deepest shine and the highest level of protection from your ceramic coating.

For Best Results:

To remove polish oils, spray the Refresh Surface Prep onto your surface and rub in with a soft towel, such as our Super Fluffy Plush Edgeless Microfiber TowelFlip or use a dry towel to remove any remaining product.

For wax removal, use the same process, but repeat until water beading properties disappear.

Now you’re ready to get a brand spanking new protective coat on your car!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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