Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant - 16 OZ

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The Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant creates a protective shield on your exterior glass that repels water, snow, dirt, and grime with ease.  It makes regular maintenance a breeze with its fast-drying and long-lasting properties.  Fight back against the elements with a simple spray application!

Features & Details:

Silicone polymers form an invisible shield on your glass.  Your windshield faces a barrage of assailants every time you drive.  Dirt, grime, and environmental fallout flies into your glass and mucks it up.  The Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant protects your vulnerable spots and makes cleaning up stress-free.

Wick away precipitation.  The Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant is extremely hydrophobic.  It causes water to bead up and slide off your glass as you drive so your vision is clear even in the wettest conditions.

Your best friend during winter months.  Glass is a burden to keep clean in the winter.  The Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant brushes off sleet, snow, and road spray without breaking a sweat.  It also makes it much easier to remove frost in the mornings.

Bully bugs that fly into your airspace.  Glass seems like a magnet for flying insects.  While colliding with them may be inevitable, the Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant makes cleaning up squashed guts painless.  While carcasses will stick to untreated glass, they will wipe off easily with this sealant.

Long-lasting protection.  The Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant dries quickly and will protect your glass for extended periods of time.  Applying monthly will ensure your glass stays smooth and water repellent.  

For Best Results:

Clean your glass surfaces before applying the sealant.  Use our Crisp Streak Free Glass Cleaner with an Ultra Microfiber Black Diamond Glass Towel to get a fresh, spotless shine.

Spray the Jade Water Glyde Glass Sealant directly onto your glass or onto your Microfiber Towel and apply evenly in a crosshatch pattern.

Allow the sealant to flash and cure for a few minutes before wiping the excess with a clean towel.  You’ll be hoping for rain just to see it in action!

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