Lake Country Flexible Backing Plate For Rotary Buffers - 6"

Item No: DKLC43-150

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This backing plate is a molded urethane backing plate for excellent flexibility and balance.
German car makers use this backing plate on their top-of-the-line vehicles, you can be sure it is the best plate you can buy for your vehicle. BMW and Mercedes-Benz both claim that these backing plates are the best because of the elite properties of molded urethane. This backing plates minimize heat transfer, flexes to hug your vehicle's curves, and are made to last. They are the best backing plates you can buy for your rotary polisher.
 Molded Urethane is AWESOME! It flexible very durable. This plate will last through numerous, rigorous uses without breaking apart or becoming unbalanced. Balancing is important when it comes to polishers because an unbalanced plate will bounce, leaving an uneven finish. The reinforced inner construction uses steel struts molded into the center hub to give the plate stability and maintain an even surface for the buffing pad.
An additional benefit of urethane is it's resistance to heat. This Flexible Backing Plate minimizes the transfer of heat from the motor to the paint to prevent burning. Spontaneous heat build-up is also greatly reduced.
You are able to remove and replace pads easily from the velcro surface. The hook & loop is molded into the plate so it will not easily come off. The Flexible Backing Plate LC43-150 measures 6" and is perfect for the Edge Classic Foam Pads. Fits all rotary buffers with 5/8" diameter shaft. This backing plate is also perfect for the new Flex PE14-2-150 light-weight rotary buffer.
TheLake County Flexible Backing Plate  provides the safest, most durable surface for your polishing and buffing pads so that you get the best performance possible from your rotary polisher.
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