Lake Country Hybrid Foam Pad Kit (4 Pads)


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This Lake Country Hybrid Power Finish Pad Kit gives you all 4 of the Lake Country Hybrid Pads. These pad are the best on the market, leaving you with a mirror like finish, all while using less product. The dense composition if these foam pads make it possible to achieve such results.

This kit includes one each of the following:

Lake Country 6.5 inch Hybrid Orange Heavy Cutting Pad – This hybrid foam pad provides the level of cut expected from a foam cutting pad, but finishes like a foam finishing pad! It removes most paint imperfections and leaves a finish that is nearly wax ready. Use with our Vibra Cut Lite, Vibra Cut II or our new Diamond Cut micro leveling compound.

Lake Country 6.5 inch Hybrid Blue Light Cutting Pad – This light cutting hybrid pad features super dense construction which enables it to remove defects quickly without compressing, like softer pads can. The foam stays stiff but is not overly aggressive. Use with our Vibra Cut Lite or Buff ‘N Bling One Step Compound/Polish.

Lake Country 6.5 inch Hybrid White Polishing Pad
– The white hybrid pad features a very dense foam. Use this pad to remove light imperfections, apply a light polish, cleaner wax, and any jobs for which you'd use the CCS Lake Country green polishing pad. Use with our Foam Pad Glaze II or Blue Diamond Polish.

Lake Country 6.5 inch Hybrid Black Finishing Pad – This pad provides no mechanical cutting ability but thanks to its dense foam, it provides excellent control while polishing. This pad also features super soft foam, which makes it ideal for finishing polishes, waxes, sealants, and glazes. We love this pad to apply our STS 3000 or Cherry Wet Wax.

You receive every Lake Country Hybrid Pad except for the wool pad. You save about $4.80 ordering this kit versus purchasing them individually.

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