MAGIC Cleaner Concentrate for Interiors & Exteriors - Quart

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Magic Cleaner is an excellent, CONCENTRATED, All Purpose cleaner & degreaser product for carpet, fabric, vinyl, plastic, hub caps, wheels, wheel wells, engines, door jambs, tonneau covers, vinyl & cloth convertible roofs, bed liners, and more! MAGIC Cleaner will deep clean very dirty, greasy carpets & mats to like new condition. And it does it FAST!

Magic Cleaner is about the same aggressiveness as our high foaming Carpet Shampoo and Pink Power Interior Cleaner when it is diluted 3-5 parts water one part Magic Cleaner. It can be used with a stronger dilution ratio to be a more aggressive cleaner than the other two products mentioned. This product really works like magic and has a pleasant Fabreezy scent!!

MAGIC Cleaner quickly breaks down grease, oil, dirt, mineral deposits, wax, road film, stubborn stains, etc. Also works great on trunk & cargo area carpets and liners. This product will not leave a film on interior components when it dries. Magic Cleaner can be diluted 10 to 1 and still be very effective. It is best to make a few different solution dilutions so you have a quart ready for various jobs. This product has a pleasant fabreeze scent and is environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable.

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