Mytee Eco Wash & Express Detailing Center


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Provide Eco Friendly Car Washes & Express Details - Use Very Little Water and Make Big Money!!

Offer customers zero wasted time and a completely convenient experience. The customer doesn't have to take her or his car for a car wash. The car wash comes to where the customer is. This approach utilizes the times at parking structures, where customers park their cars to do something else - all the hassle disappears. There is no time driving the car to the car wash, no idle time waiting for the service to be performed and, no personal involvement in performing the car wshing service. Additionally, there is no risk of none moving or starting the customers car.

The Detail King Eco Friendly Wash and or Express Detailing Service is performed in the parking area where a pre determined number of parking spaces are dedicated exclusively for the purpose of cleaning automobiles. That area should be professionally branded with signage and point of purchase materials.

Your new eco wash and express detail business washes a car with less than one pint of water on average. This state-of-the-art car washing service is based on the Eco Wash Center technology that enables to spray a low-pressure mix of water and no-foam detergents and and follow a step-by-step methods and cleaning procedures. Detail King has found the right balance to protect the environment as well as to offer to you, our customer an effective method to provide eco friendly car washes and express detailing services.

Specifications & Items Included :

- Two 120 psi pumps
- Two 6 gallon water tanks
- Two 25' hoses with adjustable nozels
- Lower front cabinet storage compartment
- Top storage area for bottles
- Two tool holders for brushes
- Two gallons of DK Eco Wash Concentrate
- Two gallons of RTU Glass Cleaner
- Two gallons of Magic Cleaner Concentrate
- Two empty gallon jugs w/lids
- Six quart bottles & (5)sprayers (1)spout lid
- Two dozen of Huck glass cleaning towels
- Two Dozen 16 x 24 Super Micro Fiber towels
- Assortment of brushes and dressing applicators
- Two gallons of Aqua Seal Express Sealant
- Two gallons of Laguna Beach Tire/Rubber Dressing
- Four Clay Bars (2 medium duty - 2 light duty)
- Complete Instructions and 2 hour long Marketing DVD

For more information on how to start, operate and grow your own Eco Friendly Car Wash & Express Detailing Business, contact Nick Vacco at 1888-314-0847

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