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Offering complete interior cleaning and detailing services is now a reality with our Mytee Tornador Value Package. You will be able to offer carpet and upholstery cleaning with the heated Mytee extractor. The extractor will not only clean the surfaces but deep clean to remove ground-in dirt, most stains and pet odors. The Tornador will make cleaning of headliners, door panels, dash boards, consoles and other interior components a cinch when it comes to cleaning and detailing the interior of a car, pick up truck, SUV or van.

Whats In The Box?

Extractor (single):

• Mytee HP60 Spyder - is the perfect heated carpet extractor for mobile auto detailers and small detail shops. . . Learn More

Tornador (single):

• Tornador Classic - it's air driven oscillating tip and nozzle creates a tornado cleaning action that tackles some of the most challenging jobs. . . Learn More

Compounds, Polishes & Chemicals:

• Interior Super Soap (qt) - is a interior super soap that has been specially formulated to be used with the Tornador Air Cleaning Tool and Tornador Black . . . Learn More

• Extractor Soap (gal) - is a component specific, low foaming, high pH, super concentrated fabric and carpet cleaning solution that can be used either as a traffic area cleaner or sprayed onto the surface that is to be extracted to quickly break-down dirt & grime. . . Learn More

• Pearl Gloss Dressing (qt) - is a premium, emulsion based vinyl interior dressing. This product can be used to dress interior components like dash boards, consoles, door panels and virtually all soft or hard vinyl interior panels. . . Learn More

• Hot Shot Stain Remover (19 oz) - is an excellent spot and stain remover. A non-solvent based product that works instantly once sprayed to loosen and help remove heavier grease, grime, tar spots, most stains, and gum from carpets and upholstery. . . Learn More

• Mytee System Maintainer (1 qt) -  is a specialized Mytee product that will keep your extractor tank and plumbing free from soap and scum build-up and to keep unit working to it's fullest potential. . . Learn More

Towels, Brushes & Applicators:

• Microfiber Interior Towels 16 x 16 (12) - is a plush and tough microfiber towel that is the ideal size and thickness to clean vehicle interior vinyl, leather, trim, and plastic. . . Learn More

• AC Vent Brush (1) - is a great cleaning and dusting brush that can be used on interior AC vents, around dash & radio buttons & knobs, instrument panels and door arm rest panels. . . Learn More

• Car Interior Utility Scrub Brush (1) - is an excellent all purpose gentle but very effective scrubbing brush for your vehicles interior. . . Learn More

• Nylon Cloth Dressing Applicators (1) - can be used to hand apply dressings to tires, moldings, interior vinyl, and leather. . . Learn More


• The Claw LED Light Bar - is equipped with spring loaded grippers, allowing it to hang across an automotive interior to illuminate the work area while detailing. . . Learn More

• Mytee Crevice Tool - this tool can attach onto any Mytee Extractor and has a comfortable grip for ease of use. Never worry again about those narrow spaces and hard to reach areas because they are no longer difficult to clean with Mytees quality stainless steel 3? Crevice Tool. . . Learn More

• Detail King Car Wash Bucket w/ Lid - five gallon large plastic heavy-duty bucket with metal handle. Great for wash-ups and interior cleaning. This bucket will not bend, crack or easily leak. Excellent product used by professional detailers. Our buckets also proudly display the Detail King name. . . Learn More