Naked Leather Conditioner For King Ranch Leather 16 oz.

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  • 16 OZ

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Product Details
The Naked Leather Conditioner and Protectant is a two-in-one product that treats and protects fine leathers, keeping them soft and moisturized.  This product is ideal for use on King Ranch leather seats and leather that does not have a protective coating but can be used on all leather materials.

Features & Details:

Perform two tasks at once.  As the name indicates, the Naked Leather both conditions leather and protects it from future damage.  Save time and effort by using the Naked Leather rather than two separate products.

Silicone-free and fat-free.  The Naked Leather does not contain silicone and will not clog the pores of your leather.  It contains no fats that can oxidize and discolor leather.

Regular use keeps leathers soft and pliable.  When leather dries out it becomes vulnerable to cracking and stiffness.  Naked Leather is like a lotion for your leather, moisturizing and softening so that it remains in mint condition for a long time.

Gentle and effective for non-protected leather.  Leather without protective coating, such as leather used in Ford King Ranch trucks, is more susceptible to fading and cracking from UV rays, staining from spills, and abrasions from daily wear-and-tear.  Naked Leather allows these leathers to maintain their natural feel and texture.

For Best Results:

Apply Naked Leather to leather surfaces by hand with a cloth towel or an interior applicator.  Make sure to work into seams and stitching.  Allow the product to dry for 15 minutes before wiping the excess with a clean towel.

Apply as often as desired, after cleaning.  You can clean surfaces with the Lexol Leather Cleaner before applying Naked Leather.

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