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Our Nanoskin Deluxe Car Wash Kit
is the perfect match for the car enthusiast who wants to provide more than just a car wash. The AutoScrub Wash Mitt will not only assist with removing the typical layer of dirt that can be found on most vehicle surfaces, but will also remove most environmental fallout that has “stuck” to the paint that a normal hand wash will not remove. No need to use a detailers clay bar, this special wash mitt will do the job quicker and better and last much longer than the typical clay bar. We also include our very best car wash shampoo – our Black Cherry and our favorite express wax – Final Touch Ultra that will not only make your ride shine like new but also add a layer of protection to the paint. Our Super Sucker Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying towel will help dry your vehicle quickly without creating any micro scratches like Turk towels do.

Kit Features:
  • NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt - can replace the need for a clay bar by easily and safely removing light surface contamination. This new process is much quicker than using the traditional clay bar and you will get the same great clean surface upon completion. The microfiber mitt has a special rubber polymer coating on one side that actually loosens and removes particles that are stuck to the clear coat. The NanoSkin AutoScrub Wash Mitt get the job done while during the wash up stage. This is one of the most effective ways to deep clean your paint in a very short time period. (Click here to see product details)
  • Black Cherry Car Wash Soap with Wax – an excellent premium car wash shampoo that will gently remove dirt and grime from painted surfaces while enhancing the vehicles shine and paint protection. (Click here to see product details)
  • Final Touch Ultra - fortified with Wax and is an excellent product to use in between details and exterior polishing! This product works fast and easy on all painted surfaces, clear-coat, plastic, and metal. Safely removes dust, mild road grime, fingerprints and water spots. Not only will it enhance the shine but it will help maintain the level of paint protection. (Click here to see product details)
  • Super Sucker – is a Waffle Weave Microfiber Drying Towel, and the largest microfiber towel that we carry. At approximately 6 square feet, this waffle weave towel can dry most small cars without being rung out once! (Click here to see product details)
  • Detail King Car Wash Bucket - five gallon large plastic heavy-duty bucket with metal handle. Great for wash-ups and interior cleaning. This bucket will not bend, crack or easily leak. Excellent product used by professional detailers. Our buckets also proudly display the Detail King name. (Click here to see product details)
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