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Our Nanoskin Autoscrub Towel & Express Polyseal Kit is an absolute must for the car enthusiast who wants to provide more than just a wash and wax. The AutoScrub Towel will not only assist with removing the typical layer of dirt that can be found on most vehicle surfaces, but will also remove most environmental fallout that has “stuck” to the paint that a normal hand wash will not remove. No need to use a detailers clay bar, this special wash mitt will do the job quicker and better and last much longer than the typical clay bar. We also include our Wonder Lube Clay Lubricant that works great with all of our Nanoskin products. Once you have washed and rinsed your vehicle (try our Black Cherry or Heads Up Car Wash Soaps) while still wet, apply Aqua Seal to a wet surface. Aqua Seal is an AMAZING polymer paint protectant that will form an invisible sealant layer that will yield a beautiful shine while protecting your paint for up to 16 washes! We even include the microfiber towels to help protect and shine your paint with the Aqua Seal! Check out this how-to Aqua Seal video!

Kit Features:
  • The NanoSkin AutoScrub Towel - can replace the need for a clay bar by easily and safely removing light surface contamination. This new process is much quicker than using the traditional clay bar and you will get the same great clean surface upon completion. The microfiber towel has a special rubber polymer coating on one side that actually loosens and removes particles that are stuck to the clear coat. This advanced rubber polymer technology will help remove light tree sap, water marks residue, rail dust, road grime and other extra surface contaminants with ease. (Click here to see product details)
  • Aqua Seal - a very unique product that will allow you to provide an "express" paint sealant service to the vehicle without having to use an orbital polisher or applying by hand and then having to remove by hand. The application and removal of Aqua Seal will be accomplished with one easy step. (Click here to see product details)
  • Wonder Lube Clay Lubricant - makes it easier for the clay bars, towels, mitts and pads to glide across the vehicles surface. Should be used when "claying" a vehicle to properly remove paint over-spray, industrial & environmental pollutant fall-out, other above surface pollutants, rail dust, fresh bird dropping stains, and tree sap. Will keep your clay bar or NanoSkin Clay product from breaking apart and actually increase its life. (Click here to see product details)
  • Yellow Microfiber Super Towel - will receive 2 of these ultra plush, ultra thick towels. They have a soft touch to pamper your vehicle as it buffs away waxes, polishes, and express detailers. Buff paint, dust the interior, clean glass, and dry your vehicle. The Super Microfiber Towel is soft and effective on any surface. (Click here to see product details)
  • Detail King Car Wash Bucket - Five gallon large plastic heavy-duty bucket with metal handle. Great for wash-ups and interior cleaning. This bucket will not bend, crack or easily leak. Excellent product used by professional detailers. Our buckets also proudly display the Detail King name! (Click here to see product details)
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