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Nature's Way Automotive Interior Concentrated Stain Remover is a safe, active oxygen cleaning agent that can be used as a car upholstery stain remover for all automotive interiors. Nature's Way gently removes stains such as: coffee, red wine, juice, soda, pet stains, kool-aid,blood, tea, and more from carpet, upholstery and vinyl surfaces. Revitalizes carpets original color. 

Nature's Way contains an Anti-Resoiling agent to prevent stains from reappearing. This product will also neutralize odors caused by stains. Nature's Way is safe to use on most fibers and colors and is environmentally safe with low toxicity. 

  1) Dilute 6:1 with warm water. Always test for color fastness. 

  2) Apply sparingly to soiled carpet. Let set up for 5 minutes then agitate with a clean white terry towel. Absorb any left over moisture with a clean towel when stain is gone. 

  3) Lightly apply a second application if needed. Agitate lightly and allow to set-up for 10 minutes and absorb any residual moisture. 

Nature's Way is a very unique stain remover, when diluted you have 1.5 gallons of product to use!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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