Non Silicone Engine & Tire Dressing - 5 Gallons

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  • 5 Gallon

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The Non Silicone Engine and Tire Dressing is a non-toxic, silicone-free formula that is designed for safe use in body shops.  Safe to use on plastic, vinyl, and rubber, this product is perfect for use on engine components that cannot be cleaned with silicone-based products.  It leaves a great, lasting shine!

Features & Details:

The silicone-free formula is safe for use in body shops.  While silicone-based products have several benefits, they can also create hazardous situations in body shops.  The Non Silicone Engine and Tire Dressing does not contain petroleum distillates or toxins, avoiding potential problems such as fish eyes and fires.

Refresh your plastic and vinyl engine compartments.  Engine bays are magnets for grime, grease, and filth.  The Non-Silicone Dressing will remove grime from these often neglected areas of your vehicle, restoring shine and boldness to weathered plastic.

It will not damage electrical sensors in your engine.  Silicone-based cleaners can be extremely harmful to electrical components in your engine, including O2 sensors.  Use the Non-Silicone Dressing for peace of mind, as it can get onto electrical areas without causing damage!

Leave a gorgeous shine on your tires.  Non Silicone Dressing is a multi-talented product.  When applied to clean tires, it will rejuvenate dull rubber and impart a glossy sheen that makes your tires look brand new.

Keep your running boards clean and safe to step on.  Running boards see tons of traffic, meaning they get dirty quickly.  The Non Silicone Dressing is the perfect cleaner because it is non-greasy and will not leave a slippery finish like silicone dressings.

For Best Results:

Spray directly onto your engine compartments.  Let the product sit for several minutes.  Wipe and spread with a shop towel, which absorbs less product than more plush towels.  To spread the product into crevices and hard-to-reach places, use our Tornador Blow Out Gun.

For tires and exterior plastic, vinyl, and rubber, spray, let the dressing sit, then wipe with a towel.  Use our Contoured Tire Dressing Applicator.

Available in a Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for a freight quote or we will contact you after your order)

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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