Pearl Gloss Automotive Dilutable Interior Dressing - 5 Gallons

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  • 5 Gallon

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Detail King’s Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing is the leading dressing for shining and protecting the interior of your vehicle.  This multi-purpose compound is ideal for restoring and sheening vinyl and leather dashboards, consoles, door panels, seats, and similar surfaces.  Easy to use and efficient, the interior dressing can be used directly or diluted with water to create the right amount of gloss to meet your needs.  Just a small amount of Pearl Gloss Dressing will have your car’s interior smelling fresh and looking immaculate.

Features & Details:

Our Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing is the number one interior dressing for restoring and rejuvenating soft and hard vinyl automotive surfaces that leaves your interior with that brand-new car look.  This product is also perfect for refreshing and conditioning leather surfaces that have lost their brilliance.

Adjust the sheen of your finish to best fit your desired results.  Our dressing is a versatile emulsion-based compound that can be diluted with varying amounts of water to achieve beautiful semi-gloss and satin finishes.  No matter what degree of sheen you want, Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing will satisfy your needs, whether you’re a professional or a first-time detailer.

This interior dressing is eco-friendly, safe, and aromatic.  Not only is the compound biodegradable, but it dries instantly, produces a revitalizing lime berry scent, and leaves a clean, never greasy finish. 

Protect your interior from damaging ultraviolet rays.  The interior dressing contains UV blockers that will ensure your vinyl and leather will not crack or fade from exposure to direct sunlight.  Our interior dressing stands the test of time, shielding your interior from the brightest of rays and working hard so you don’t have to.

Easy & Effective to Use:

Clean vinyl, plastic, or leather surfaces to remove existing dirt and grime before applying the interior dressing.  We suggest using our Pink Power Interior Cleaner, a gentle yet effective cleaner that removes all dirt without drying out or stiffening surfaces.  It also features optical brighteners that enhance the color of the fabric.  Cleaning the surface before applying the interior dressing helps the gloss adhere to the surface.

Shake Pearl Gloss Interior Dressing and spray onto an applicator, which will help prevent overspray.  A variety of applicators are available on the Detail King website.  Using an applicator allows for an even application to surfaces and cuts down on product waste that is absorbed by rags.

Evenly apply the interior dressing to the desired surface using horizontal strokes.  Reapply as necessary for a higher sheen.  The product may be diluted with water if a lower sheen or semi-gloss finish is desired.

Watch your interior transform from dull into a gorgeous shine that will have your vehicle looking as fresh as it did the day it came off the lot!

Available in a Pint, Quart, 1 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and 55 Gallon. (55gal must ship via Freight - call for a freight quote or we will contact you after your order)

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