Plastic Disposable Gear Shifter Knob Covers ° 1000 Pack

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  • 1000 Pack
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These days you cannot be too cautious to prevent the spread of germs, in addition these Plastic Disposable Gear Shifter Knob Covers will help keep the shifter knob from getting greasy during service appointments. It is recommended that this item be removed prior to operating the vehicle.

Features & Details:
  • Each cover slips easily onto the gearshift of the vehicle to prevent the spread of dirt, grease, grime, germs, and disease.
  • Used by auto dealer service departments, detail shops, stereo shops, tint shops, auto repair shops, and auto body shops
  • Gearshift covers are an inexpensive way to show your customers that health & cleanliness is a priority.
  • The gearshift knob is a prime area for skin contact and potential contamination from diseases, germs, bacteria, and grime for both your employees and the owner of the vehicle.
  • Protect your employees and your customers from uncleanness and infection.
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