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The Pure Finish Final Step High Gloss Polish is designed as the last step in the paint correction process after compounding and polishing.  It removes buffer swirls from previous steps and leaves a stunning finish that makes your paint gleam in the light.

Features & Details:

Get rid of buffer swirls and track marks.  Compounding and polishing are bound to leave some swirl marks behind.  The Pure Finish Final Step High Gloss Polish erases the side effects of polishing after one application.

Complete the paint correction process.  Once you have leveled scratches, oxidation, stains, and blemishes from your paint, you need to give your surface a final touch.  Using the Pure Finish is essentially like taking a victory lap – you’re almost done!

Prepare for applying a ceramic coating.  Though the Pure Finish marks the end of the correcting process, you may want to ensure your surface stays corrected by adding a ceramic coating.  Ceramic coatings protect your paint from weather, elements, chemicals, UV rays, and repel water and contaminants.  Make sure your surface is spotless before you apply the ceramic coating with Pure Finish.

Ideal for cars with dark-colored paint jobs.  While black paint looks sleek and bold, buffer swirls are more noticeable on dark paint.  Erase swirls and film to ensure your ride glows immaculately in the sun.

Safe and pure.  The Pure Finish is both body shop safe and VOC compliant, making it a go-to finisher for auto detailers.  It contains absolutely no fillers, maximizing your shine.

For Best Results:

Pick a polisher and polishing pad; we recommend a Flex Dual Action Polisher with a Hybrid Finishing Pad.  Prime your pad by spraying Miracle Mist Express before adding several small dabs of Pure Finish.

Work in 2 ft. by 2 ft. sections.  Buff slowly on medium speed, applying light pressure in a crosshatch pattern.  Your scratches should already be corrected, so let the polisher do the work for you.

The Pure Finish will flash-off after a few passes; you can tell when it leaves a clear haze.  Wipe with a Microfiber Towel and the paint correction process is complete!

For This Product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Click Here.

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