RaggTopp Leather Cleaner & Protectant Care Kit

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The first Leather Cleaner and Leather Protectant with UV developed exclusively for convertible automobile leather interiors. Patented pending quick drying, non-oily, non-residue, non-tacky formula safely cleans perspiration, salt and oil from fine leather.

Contains NO waxes, oils or solvent and is hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin. UV blockers from CIBA add extra protection to leather and stitching exposed to the elements. Deep cleans and revitalizes leather exposed to the sun, sweat, body oils and stains.

Protectant repels water, resists cracking and scuffing to preserve and extend the life of your finest leather automotive interiors.

For use on all standard, perforated grained, top coated and aniline automotive leather. UV Blockers reduce leather fading and break-down caused by exposure to the sun. NO harmful fumes waxes, oils or lanolin to clog leather pores.

Hypo Allergenic for sensitive skin. Penetrates leather with an exclusive fluoropolymer formula that bonds to the top coat leather.

Great to use on leather accents, steering wheel covers, shifter covers and dash accents. Protects against body perspiration & oil which causes premature drying and cracking.
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