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The Silica Waterless Wash and Coat is a multi-faceted formula that cleans, lubricates, and seals your vehicle’s exterior without the use of water!  Combining the cleaning action of a detail spray with the protection of a silica-infused paint sealant, this product makes protecting your car’s surface a one-step process.
Features & Details:

Specially formulated for vehicles that have already received a ceramic coating.  We suggest applying the Jade Quartz Pro Ceramic Coating to protect your vehicle’s exterior.  Using the Silica Waterless Wash and Coat will prolong the life of a ceramic coating and help to maintain a deep gloss and water repellent properties.

A superior cleaning tool for vehicles that have not received a ceramic coating.  The Silica Waterless Wash and Coat will leave an invisible, protective layer on vehicles that have not had a ceramic coating applied.  Serves as a great rejuvenating product for car enthusiasts and auto detailers.

Ceramic technology makes road spray, grime, and dirt disappear while protecting your surface against future harm.  Two-thirds of the Silica Waterless Wash and Coat features a dirt-lifting, swirl-free solution, and the other third is composed of silica compound found in ceramic coating.

Save your water!  This cleaning and shining process is not only beneficial to your water bill but also saves time and resources.  The Silica Waterless Wash and Coat makes exterior upkeep a one-step process.  Why do with buckets, hoses, sponges, and shammies what you can do with a few sprays and a soft cloth?

Ideal protection for all seasons.  The Silica Waterless Wash and Coat protects against harsh UV rays in the summer, repels spring rains, and removes salt and slush blemishes in the winter.  No matter what the elements bring, this product ensures you will be prepared.

For Best Results:

Inspect your paint before applying the Silica Waterless Wash and Coat.  If the coating of dirt and grime on your paint is too dense, you could risk scratching and marring the surface without first washing it.  If so, rinse with a standard automotive shampoo and water before applying this product.

Use two Microfiber Super Towels for application: one for wiping the dirt, and another for buffing the residue.  Spray the Silica Waterless Wash and Coat directly onto the desired surface and onto one of the cloths. 

Roll the towel as you wipe off the grime.  This will ensure contaminated sections of the towel do not touch your car’s surface.  Use a new section of the towel on each panel.  

Silica Waterless Wash and Coat is available in both Pint 16 oz and Quart 32 oz

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